Dr. Murray Grossan Spoke at the Daymond John Academy Sept 21

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Because of antibiotic resistance, infections are being passed around the entire family. Dr Grossan details how to prevent the round robin of family illness.

Dr. Murray Grossan Spoke at the Daymond John Academy Sept 21.

Infections are being passed around the whole family, because antibiotics are not working as they once did. Dr. Murray Grossan spoke of drug resistant infections and the means that families can use to prevent this round robin of illness.

Shark Tank
The Daymond John Academy is a seminar where the Shark Tank’s Daymond John, advises on new products. Here, his team details important information about product development and marketing. This is similar to what is shown on the Shark Tank TV program.

Heal Without Antibiotics
At the Sept 21 session, Dr. Grossan described how the Hydro Pulse™ Nasal /Sinus Irrigator can be used to clear sinus or throat problems, protect other family members, and avoid antibiotics. Avoiding unneeded antibiotics is critical these days.

CDC: Two Million Resistant Infections
Dr Grossan: “The CDC reported that last year, two million persons were infected with drug resistant bacteria. Therefore it is vital to heal infections early before antibiotics are needed.

In the nose, there are microscopic hairs, like strings, called cilia, that wave in rhythm to move bacteria out of the nose and sinuses. When the cilia slow down, then bacteria remain in place and multiply, and cause infection.”

Restore Natural Healing
“In order to repair cilia movement, you need a stream of saline that vibrates so that those cilia are restored. The Hydro Pulse™ rinses the nose/sinuses at a pulse rate designed to restore those defending soldiers. Then, the restored cilia can move bacteria out of the nose and sinuses. Once the cilia are back to removing bacteria, there is no need for more treatment.”

Regarding the throat, Dr. Grossan stated, “Using the Hydro Pulse for throat irrigation at the very start of a sore throat, brings healing factors to the throat, and helps avoid antibiotics.”

The Reward of Healing

Dr Grossan, “When you develop a product that helps the entire family’s health, in a natural way, it gives you maximum personal satisfaction.”

Other products for health were presented. Everyone agreed that better health is a goal we should all pursue.

Dr Grossan: “I even had my picture taken with Daymond John shaking my hand!”

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