Waltzing with the Rosicrucians with Pierre S. Freeman; Noted Author Presents Information and Commentary About AMORC’s First Temple Degree Ritual

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So as not to leave any stone unturned, Pierre S. Freeman, author of The Prisoner of San Jose and AMORC Unmasked and the world’s foremost ex-Rosicrucian whistleblower casts another intriguing dark shadow on AMORC’S intriguing portfolio of mind entrapment techniques, the secretive “First Temple Degree Ritual.”

“Hearken unto me, O Neophytes, because like Light, Life and Love, night and day, I am always with you. Be warned!”

“If you ever misuse this cross or its symbol to deceive or conceal an untruth or use it to support evil, DEATH SHALL BE YOURS, AND YOUR LIFE SHALL BE MINE!”

Pierre S. Freeman is happy to announce the release of his new ebook, AMORC’S FIRST TEMPLE DEGREE INITIATION The Abridged Version- Illustrated on both Smashwords and Kindle- free for a limited period of time. For many, this will be the first time they will be able to glimpse the dramatic machinations of the first official Temple Degree Ritual as officiated by such colorful ritualistic characters as the mysterious Inner Guardian, the unashamedly pure, vestalistic Colombe, the darkly menacing deep-throated Death, the authoritatively resonant Master and the somewhat naïve, but fascinated Neophytes who stand on the outskirts of the dark tunnel of ritualistic mind control.

In terms of his purpose in creating the book, Freeman says, “I thought a nice, fat waltz around the temple would show prospective members some of the awesome possibilities for customer retention with ritualistic mind control.”

When it comes to initiations, Pierre S. Freeman is probably one of the Grand Masters, having wafted through many Rosicrucian Initiations throughout his twenty-six years in a mystical order described in his two books The Prisoner of San Jose and AMORC Unmasked. In his experience, at the very end of his journey in the Order, Freeman found out that he had learned more about Mind Control than about mysticism. And these lessons are amply chronicled in his books, The Prisoner of San Jose and AMORC Unmasked and serve as a colorful, if not somewhat macabre background to his recent satire, Mayhem on the Astral Highway.

Although there is cynical signature Freeman commentary about the ritual, which is undoubtedly a H. Spencer Lewis distillation from more exotic, profounder rituals from older Orders, Freeman is the first to point out in his introduction, “I don’t want my readers to think I am against ritual, per se. Rituals like this, no doubt borrowed from Masonic and Templar rituals throughout the Ages, recapitulate certain processes that relate to the purification of the personality and the physical body. They also serve as a kind of encapsulation of a theory of cosmology that speaks of various planes of existence. And despite their abuse, they preserve elements of a very high and sacred science involving the transformation of man.”

The book is partially meant to satisfy the curiosity of naïve outsiders, potential candidates for membership in a religious cult, members who now are investigating the possibility of an exit from a cult, esoterically-oriented hobbyists interested in the minutiae of cult practices; exit psychologists; aficionados of the evolution of AMORC from the mind of H. Spencer Lewis and for the satisfaction of those in the general public who want to take a peek inside the First Temple ritual of one of America’s most long-standing and well-advertised exotic spiritual organizations. The book is illustrated with full color depictions of different scenes from the ritual.

The Full Version of AMORC’S FIRST TEMPLE DEGREE INITIATION will be released on the Kindle and Smashwords platform on December 15th.

For more information and to take a peek at some of the illustrations in his new book, visit Pierre Freeman’s new website, initiationamorc.com. Click here to go to Amazon Kindle and Smashwords to download a free copy today:
Click here to go to Smashwords to download a free (limited time offer) copy today.

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