Demystifying The First Temple Degree Ritual; Noted Author Pierre S. Freeman Describes the Secret Cult Ritual with Commentary

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Taking on the challenge of exposing something of the substance behind esoteric rituals, but also the potential dark side, Pierre S. Freeman, author of The Prisoner of San Jose and AMORC Unmasked, presents to his readers the nature of Amorc’s First Temple Degree Initiation in an illustrated book of the same name- with commentary. By doing so, he hopes to reduce the false allure of rituals like these when utilized by religious cults.

Death points accusingly points at terrified kneeling Neophyte while the other Neophytes stand, facing Death. The beautiful Colombe tries to intervene, asking for mercy for the doomed Neophyte.

If you ever misuse this cross or its symbol to deceive or conceal an untruth or use it to support evil, DEATH SHALL BE YOURS, AND YOUR LIFE SHALL BE MINE!”

As the intrepid ex-Rosicrucian Whistleblower, Pierre S. Freeman, was searching for his latest project, he began to reminisce about the times prior to his more serious initiations in the Rosicrucian Order, how exotic and fascinating the prospect of the First Temple Degree Initiation seemed. He was aware at that time and still now that one of the key attractions of a religious cult was the mystery and intrigue of the rituals only opened to Neophytes who could pass through the first initiation. The result is Freeman’s new ebook, Amorc’s First Temple Degree Initiation The Abridged Version- Illustrated on both Smashwords and Kindle- free for a limited period of time. For many, this will provide a glimpse into this mysterious world with a bit of commentary along the ritual pathways by the esteemed Monsieur Freeman.

“My thought was by providing a description of the First Temple Degree Initiation with illustrations might actually de-mystify the ritual and thereby perhaps decrease the toxic curiosity that so often initially enchants the Seeker- only to entrance him later through Mind Control,” says Freeman.

The ritual itself is sort of “Mardi Gras” with a touch of “Dios de Los Muertos” affair where the Neophytes are taken through a Cook’s tour of the Temple by robed and costumed officials with a quasi-dramatic confrontation with Colombe (Conscience) and Death- where they allegedly overcome the Terror of the Threshold. It is your typical Norman Rockwell middle class mysticism so cleverly concocted by H. Spencer Lewis during the early years of the twentieth century and it still works, luring perfectly sensible suburban people into the dark tunnel of mind control.

The Full Version of Amorc’s First Temple Degree Initiation will be released on the Kindle and Smashwords platform on December 15th.

For more information and to take a peek at some of the illustrations in his new book. Visit Pierre Freeman’s new website,
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Also, read Pierre Freeman’s blog as well as his books. AMORC Unmasked and The Prisoner of San Jose which are available online and may be ordered at every fine bookstore.
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