Animal Rights Activists, Animal Welfare Advocates and Vegans to Be Trained in Effective Communications Skills by Sydney Psychologist Clare Mann

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A one-day course, Skills for Conversations that Matter, will equip those passionate about animal social justice with powerful tools to communicate their message with others, including family, friends and colleagues. Run by Sydney based training company Communicate31.

Workshop for Animal Advocates

The focus of the course will be about having one-to-one challenging conversations when emotions are high, opinions differ and people resist, criticise or are apathetic.

Internationally renowned communications expert, organisational psychologist and bestselling author Clare Mann from Communicate31 is offering a groundbreaking training for animal activists and vegans in Sydney and Melbourne in November and December 2013.

Skills for Conversations that Matter will teach participants how to manage strong emotions during difficult conversations and practise exquisite communications skills to be of greater service to animals.

“Many people in the animal advocacy movement find it difficult to keep calm when they show people images of animal cruelty or share information about what they know and the other person says, ‘Don’t show me, it’s going to upset me,’” says Mann, a passionate and vocal animal advocate.

“It can be extremely stressful for them around the dinner table, especially at times like Christmas. Often they will avoid confrontation, then later feel guilty for not speaking their truth. “This is exactly why I’m running this workshop so that vegans and animal activists can use proven skills, techniques and strategies to engage people, keep them in the conversation and increase the probability that they’ll say ‘Tell me more’, instead of shutting down.

The focus of the course will be about having one-to-one challenging conversations when emotions are high, opinions differ and people resist, criticise or are apathetic to things animal advocates and/or vegans are passionate about. It's all about people becoming calm communicators and the greatest voice for animals they can be.

By the end of the one-day training, participants will be able to:

  •     Quickly gain rapport to engage people to listen.
  •     Effectively listen in order to frame the information they wish to share.
  •     Make a contract with people to keep them in the conversation when the going gets tough.
  •     Empathise with the listener and skilfully invite them to hear more.
  •     Understand the importance of self-management in gaining cooperation.
  •     Redirect the conversation when others take them down a different path.
  •     Transmute strong emotions effectively into powerful action.
  •     Inspire other people with their dietary choices rather than attract ridicule.
  •     Develop a questioning mindset so they can see other people’s points of view.

In this highly interactive day participants are going to get lots of practice so they’ll feel much more confident talking about animal social justice and a vegan lifestyle, promises Mann. “We are the voices for animals and it’s so essential that we maximise every conversation to ensure people know what is going on.”

For full details of the course and to book a ticket, visit

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