#1 Rule of Nutrition: Eat Real Food, New Book, "Let's Get Real About Eating", Offers 16 Simple Nutrition Rules to Help Americans Take Control of Their Health

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Nutritionist and Healthy Living Expert Laura Kopec gets real in new book that gives simple answers to the confusion about what, when, and how to eat to be healthy.

Rule #1: Eat Real Food. Real food is food that grows in nature, on trees, in the ground, or was once a living breathing animal. - Laura Kopec, ND, MHNE, CNC

What to eat, how to eat, when to eat. Raw food, non-GMO, organic, vegetarian. It’s confusing. With so much information available about food and nutrition - much of it conflicting - Americans looking to improve their health by improving their diet and lifestyle may not know where to start.

In her new book, “Let’s Get Real About Eating“(Balboa Press, 2013), Laura Kopec, ND, MHNE, CNC, breaks down the confusion surrounding what we eat and how it affects our overall health. The practical guide provides simple, straightforward answers based on common sense, natures laws and current research.

Currently available at Kopec Naturals , and at Barnes & Noble and Amazon, the guide pinpoints 16 practical rules for eating and nutrition, along with easy steps to incorporate into daily life that will impact your health.

The whole issue of nutrition and eating seems very confusing and too hard to tackle,” said Kopec. “My book helps people make sense of the information and then gives a series of strategies to put the information into practice,” she explains.

Each of the 16 chapters in “Let’s Get Real About Eating “is packed with easy to understand information that is summarized into a simple rule; followed by a set of action steps to consider incorporating into your life. “The best part is you can do this at your own pace,” Kopec adds.

Rule #1: Eat Real Food. Real food is food that grows in nature, on trees, in the ground, or was once a living breathing animal. Real food does not contain chemical or artificial ingredients. So how can you make sure your food is real?

  •     Eat food that will rot, go bad, grow mold or attract bugs. It has no preservatives.
  •     Fill your grocery cart with lots of single ingredient foods. Carrots, bananas, eggs, apples, almonds.
  •     Know what is in your pantry. Read labels. If you can’t pronounce it, understand what it is and where it came from, do you really want to put it in your body?

“The places around the world with the best health have no access to processed food,” says Kopec.

“More than ever, disease is the result of poor nutrition,” said Pediatrician Randy Naidoo, M.D. “If we do not change our nutrition, we will have to accept the healthcare costs that continue to rise, increasing treatments that have higher risk to the patient, and healthcare that does not address the root issue of most disease. “Let’s Get Real About Eating” helps you understand the underlying cause of many diseases and is a great first step in getting yours and your children’s health back.”

Obesity, diabetes, cancer, celiac disease, ADD/ADHD, autoimmune diseases are all on the rise. Each year in the U.S. alone, over half a million people have their first heart attack, 13 million adults are diagnosed with diabetes, and 1.3 million develop cancer. Even though in 1960, the World Health Organization found that most cancer is preventable with better nutrition, it is not yet a disease of the past.

“The excessiveness in this country has become the root of most of our problems, including our health,” says Kopec. “We have to make some changes in the way we eat and the way we live or we will find the list of chronic and degenerative diseases growing beyond what our health care is able to manage.”

Just a few of the other Rules from “Let’s Get Real About Eating”:

#3. Know your food – especially genetically modified stuff.
#5. Change your meat quality, or eat less of it.
#9. Avoid high fructose corn syrup and GMO corn.
#11. Choose good fats over bad fats, and never go fat free.
#14. Eat red, green, and raw at every meal.

The book even includes a one week sample meal plan to get the reader started on the path to healthier eating and a healthier life. To get the complete list of Kopec’s simple nutrition rules and strategies, books can be purchased at http://www.kopecnaturals.com, in stores and online at Barnes &Noble and at Amazon.com.

“Nutrition does not have to be overwhelming,” adds Kopec. “By changing the way you and your family eats, even if you do one chapter at a time, or one strategy at a time, you will see the difference in your life and that of your children.”

Kopec offers individual nutrition and health counseling and is a frequent speaker on her new book and a variety of topics related to health and nutrition. She also created a natural skin care line, Kopec Naturals, available online and in select Whole Foods stores in North Texas.

“Every day I see people of all ages and sizes come through my office with one or more health issues – digestive complaints, food allergies, depression, behavioral disorders, skin conditions, even infertility and cancer – and I have the good fortune to help them make dietary changes that profoundly improve their health,” she adds.

For more information about counseling or to book a speaking engagement contact admin(at)kopecnaturals(dot)com. For media requests and interviews contact buzzleann(at)hotmail(dot)com.

About the Author: Laura Kopec is an educator, author, speaker, mother, and great lover of food. She began her passion for nutrition and natural living on an acre of land in Eastern Washington where she experienced everything from organic gardening, raising chickens, milking goats, canning food and making skincare. Life called her to a new direction to help impart some of the knowledge and wisdom she learned in Washington.

Since then, Laura received a Doctorate in Traditional Naturopathy from Trinity School of Natural Health, a Master of Science in Health and Nutrition Education from Hawthorn University, a Master of Arts from the University of Arizona, and a Nutritional Counseling Certificate from Trinity. Laura is author of Let's Get Real about Eating and creator of Kopec Naturals Skincare. Laura has a unique background in presentation, communication, nutrition and natural living.

About the Book: “Let’s Get Real About Eating. A practical guide to nutrition and health”
Pub date: August 2013     

  • ISBN: 978145257427-1 • ISBN: 978145257428-8    
  • Price: $15.99 Trade Paperback Original, Balboa Press, A Division of Hay House
  • $3.99 Kindle Edition, http://www.Amazon.com

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