Custom Harley Davidson Motorcycle Handlebars For Baggers by Misfit Industries

New custom Harley Davidson handlebars for motorcycles & baggers are now available from Misfit Industries. These motorcycle handlebars for Harley & baggers make any bike look great.

Dallas, TX (PRWEB) December 18, 2013

Misfit Industries recently added a new line of custom Harley Bagger handlebars & grips. For more information call 877-647-3489 or visit

The Misfit Street Rage Bars 12" come in chrome or black. The Misfit Brawler Bars 8" & 14”come in chrome or black as well. Bars are a swedged tubing where they step down to 1” diameter for the factory hand controls. These handlebars are set up for both Fly by wire and throttle cable applications, and are also set up for heated grips as well.

These motorcycle handlebars are designed to give a custom look that helps make a bike stand out from the pack. Anyone who is building a custom motorcycle will be especially interested in the matching grips, hand controls, foot controls, and floorboards. The Monarch series was recently unveiled as part of the unique customization only available at Misfit Industries.

These days more and more people want to build a custom motorcycle for either personal use or for show, and sometimes both. Misfit has a good history of winning motorcycle shows and competitions with its one off bagger designs. The handlebars on a motorcycle can make or break the look for a bike. It takes total coordination to pull off a look that is totally bad ass while looking different from every other motorcycle as well.

When it comes to designing and building a custom bagger a bike builder needs to choose motorcycle handlebars that not only look great, but perform as well. The Misfit line of handlebars for baggers will please the most avid bike enthusiast with the right look and feel.

Anyone looking to customize a bagger should also check out the new motorcycle slip fit neck rake kit for Harley Baggers. It is a weld in piece which fits snuggly into place to maintain stock trail without raising the bike up too high off the ground. Misfit’s custom triple trees must be used with the slip fit necks and are available for many Harley Davidson models 1997 to 2014. This is the ideal choice for anyone looking to build a custom bagger and desiring one of the big 26” or 30" wheels on the front. Be sure to ask about package pricing.

Building a custom motorcycle or a one off design is never easy or cheap. Making sure the right parts are used to create a head turning machine is important. These new handlebars for Harleys will make any motorcycle or bagger stand out from the pack and be something any biker can be proud to own and ride. For more information call 877-647-3489 or visit


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