JKM Ribbon & Trims Announces Incredible Deals for Crafting Customers and Retailers

JKM Ribbon & Trims, which is a family owned business, has served the craft industry for over fifteen years. The business started in 1996 with products such as ribbons, floral supplies, craft supplies, fabrics, and other miscellaneous items (such as ribbon shredders and bow makers), JKM Ribbon has truly dedicated their company to satisfying crafters everywhere.

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We value our customers and we are happy that they keep coming back to JKM for their ribbon and trim needs.

Berlin, NJ (PRWEB) December 26, 2013

As a wholesale supplier of ribbon, trims, and accessories, JKM Ribbon & Trims appeals to many different markets with their wide range of products and designs. Currently, JKM Ribbon & Trims only requires a $25 minimum order on their webpage, which sells crafting supplies and ribbons in bulk. The company has the widest selection on the internet which is highly advantageous for both crafters and retail shops.

Additionally, JKM Ribbon & Trims is the only United States producer of double ruffle ribbon, made in satin and grosgrain. These high-demand double ruffle ribbons are exceptional for weddings, birthday parties, and bows.

Throughout their time supplying products such as ribbons, trims, crafts, bridal, floral, home sewing, and much more, JKM Ribbons & Trims is an easy to navigate website to find your essential craft needs. Customers can mix ribbons and trims from different suppliers. JKM Ribbon & Trims sends an email confirmation within one business day of ordering to allow customers to understand delivery timing before the order is processed. When the products have shipped, customers receive an email and the tracking number to view the status of the order.

“We value our customers and we are happy that they keep coming back to JKM for their ribbon and trim needs. If you are a new customer, we welcome you to JKM's world of ribbon, trims and other related products,” says VP IT, Marketing & Finance employee Michael Covone. “If you are an existing customer, we thank you for your continuing business. We try our very best to ensure you receive the correct ribbons in a timely manner and we do not make any substitutions without the permission of our customer.”

JKM Ribbons & Trims has served crafters for over fifteen years. This company benefits anyone who is in need of bulk ribbon, or trims for crafts and all types of projects. They are also the only domestic resource in the country for double ruffle ribbon.

If you have any questions about JKM Ribbons & Trims, you can contact Michael Covone using the email address at customerservice(at)jkmribbon(dot)com. Feel free to visit the webpage at http://www.jkmribbon.com.