Surgeons At La Peer Health Systems Announce New Approach To Management of Thyroid Disorders

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Southern California’s La Peer Surgery Center brings together world-renowned thyroid and oculoplastic specialists for the treatment and management of thyroid disorder Grave's disease.

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One of the fantastic things about La Peer Health Systems is that the doctors have the opportunity to work together to better a patients quality of life by fully treating their condition and leaving no stone unturned.

Los Angeles based surgery center La Peer Health Systems is pleased to announce the development of a new thyroid group headed by world-renowned head and neck surgeons and oculoplastic surgeons. Most recently, the surgical center has brought together one of the largest thyroid teams in the world with expert specialists Mehryar (Ray) Taban, MD, FACS, Babak Larian, MD, FACS, Guy Massry, MD, David Savar, MD, FACS, Mani Zadeh, MD, FACS, Michel Babajanian, MD, FACS, Carlo Honrado, MD, FACS, and Babak Azizzadeh, MD, FACS all becoming a part of the group. With the unique team approach in place to combat thyroid disorders including Grave's disease, La Peer surgeons believe patients will see much better outcomes and receive improved care.

“When a patient is suffering from thyroid disease, they sometimes have symptoms that affect other parts of their body, such is the case with Grave’s Disease. My responsibility is to take care of the thyroid problem, while Dr. Taban’s is to correct any damage that the patients eyes have experienced,” said Dr. Larian.

Grave’s Disease is an autoimmune disease in which a person’s thyroid is overactive and produces too many hormones for the body to handle-- better known as hyperthyroidism. In cases of Grave’s Disease, nearly 30% of the conditions sufferers will experience some form of protrusion of the eyes, called proptosis. Treating this disease with the knowledge understood by both a head and neck surgeon and oculoplastic surgeon provides patients with the best surgical outcome and correction of their symptoms.

“One of the fantastic things about La Peer Health Systems is that the doctors have the opportunity to work together to better a patients quality of life by fully treating their condition and leaving no stone unturned,” said Dr. Larian.

In treating a patient with Grave’s disease, the specialists at La Peer Health Systems will first attempt medical therapy before undergoing surgery. When a tumor or large goiter is present and surgery becomes necessary, an experienced head and neck surgeon removes the tumor first and foremost. Following, an oculoplastic surgeon provides orbital decompression surgery for those experiencing eye protrusion (proptosis) to ensure that the patient is left with a natural and balanced look. In the days following surgery, patients can expect some bruising, swelling, and minor discomfort.

“It’s suggested that all sufferers of Grave’s Disease be evaluated by both an ophthalmologist and thyroid expert to ensure that the proper course of action is taken to effectively manage the condition,” said Dr. Taban.

La Peer Health Systems is an outpatient surgery center in Beverly Hills, founded by doctors and focused on providing excellent patient care alongside the most cutting-edge medical treatments available. With 40 world-renowned physicians in 13 specialties, we offer comprehensive medical treatment that takes patients from consultation to diagnosis, treatment, surgery, and ultimately aftercare. Our 13 medical departments include orthopedics & sports medicine, gastroenterology, head & neck surgery, colorectal & general surgery, podiatry, ophthalmology, pain management, plastics & reconstructive surgery, gynecology, spine surgery, interventional cardiology, bariatric surgery, and anesthesiology. Unlike large hospitals, La Peer's unique structure offers extremely personal care in a safe and controlled environment.

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