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Pipestock are a supplier of a broad range of water meters now including Single-Jet, Multi-Jet, Concentric and Woltmann Flanged with selected models starting at £25. Water Meters are used in many domestic and industrial applications.

Water Meters at Pipestock.com

Woltmann Flanged Water Meter

...broad range of Water Meters starting at £25...

Pipestock are a supplier of a broad range of Water Meters now also including Single-Jet, Multi-Jet, Concentric and Woltmann Flanged, with selected models starting at just £25! Water Meters are used in domestic and commercial and industrial applications to measure water consumption. These applications create a demand for different types of water meters depending upon the specific type of metering needed and with Pipestock's new broadened range, all needs are catered for.

Britain’s weather during 2012 was certainly interesting. Many counties started the year in drought before torrential rains hit in early summer starting any number of floods throughout the country. These unusual conditions affected most people in the UK whether directly or indirectly, and have put water clearly on the mind.

Water has always been a concern due to its critical role in human survival, food production, industrial processes and amenities. The demand for water is constantly growing in all of these areas. Due to the demand of water and rising costs, monitoring of water consumption is a primary concern both for individuals and businesses.

Businesses can enjoy particular positives when installing the correct Water Meters to suit their needs. First, the clear promotion of economy ensures that money can be saved and the water effectively used. Second, and largely due to the first positives, monitoring water consumption can positively affect a company’s green policy.

Water Metering can be used in a variety of different industries. Water is used in a large percentage of industrial processes including manufacturing and within chemical processes. Water is also used for coolant in power plants and for creating hydroelectricity in order to power the industrial processes already mentioned. With such a large range of industrial uses, accountability through measuring usage is crucial and can be done through the use of Water Meters.

Aside from metering for industrial purposes, Water Metering can also be used in the recreational and amenities sphere. Recreational uses of water include swimming pools, gyms, golf courses and parks or gardens. These uses require metering to ensure economy and efficient use of water.

Finally, household and domestic use of water is also an area which can benefit from metering. Domestic uses of water can include bathing, sanitation, gardening, cooking and of course drinking. With this in mind, measuring water consumption within the home can promote effective use of water and prevent overuse.

Pipestock has responded to the demand for Water Meters and now offers a range of water meters to suit almost all of the above applications. These meters include Single-Jet, Multi-Jet, Concentric, Woltmann Flanged Meters, Irrigation Water Meters and Rotary Piston Water Meters. Depending upon the meter, monitoring can be for industrial, domestic or secondary metering applications. The meters at Pipestock are all capable of being connected to a variety of different pipe systems and provide an efficient means of monitoring water.

The Single-Jet, Multi-Jet and the Woltmann Flanged Meters come in two separate designs: one for hot water and one for cold allowing them to be used in applications with temperatures up to 90°C dependant on meter. The Concentric Water Meter is approved for primary billing applications thanks to its accurate measurements and is designed by top brand Plasson. The Irrigation Piston Water Meter is specifically designed to be used where water is contaminated with grit and sand. This is ideal for use in agricultural situations where irrigation water needs to be metered.
When deciding on a meter, companies can now consider the Enhanced Capital Allowance Scheme (a UK registered certification mark of Defra) which allows for UK businesses to write off the whole cost of equipment against taxable profits of the year of purchase. Not only are businesses choosing economy when installing Water Meters, they are also saving money spent on expenses thanks to the ECA Water Scheme. There are a selection of the Water Meters at Pipestock which are eligible for the scheme and you can find out more information on this link - http://www.businesslink.gov.uk/bdotg/action/detail?itemId=1084219938&type=RESOURCES

About Pipestock:

Pipestock is one of the UK's premier Industrial Pipework Suppliers supplying specialist industrial pipe systems for the conveyance of compressed air, clean water, dirty water, gas and chemical solutions. Their customers range from sole trader plumbing engineers to blue chip multi-nationals.

Supplying pipe systems such as ABS, MDPE, PVC, Corzan, PPh and TracPipe, Pipestock have most industrial piping applications covered. Customers can order through Pipestock's comprehensive ecommerce website or via phone, fax or email. The Pipestock service provides overnight delivery to around 90% of the United Kingdom and now also delivers to Europe.

For further information contact Pipestock on 0845 634 1053 or via: http://www.pipestock.com

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