City Bikes Manufacturer Linus Bike Supports the Development of Bike Horn

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In light of the development of a bicycle horn, which will warn unaware motorists of oncoming cyclists, Linus Bike is bringing awareness to cyclists everywhere about this innovative technology.

On February 5, Linus Bike, advocate of bicycling safety and developer of city bikes, is supporting the development of a bike horn that will warn motorists of oncoming bicycle traffic. Linus Bike hopes that the development of this technology will keep cyclists safe and decrease traffic accidents with bicycles.

Engineer John Lansey, according to Wired, developed a car horn that emits a sound loud enough for a motorist to hear while driving. Lansey’s findings can be found on their blog Loud Bicycle.

“The problem is that yelling at drivers is not very effective,” Lansey says. “When you honk a car horn, though, they react immediately, even before they see where the sound is coming from.” Lansey continues, “Research shows that drivers react faster and more appropriately to a car horn in a collision warning context than other sounds.”

According to Wired, the key behind making the horn work is the sound design. The article reports, “To create the illusion, the horn plays two notes at once, a high and a low pitched tone, similar to what a compact car would make.”

“The key is that the sound is immediately recognizable as a car horn, and loud enough to reach the driver,” comments Lansey in the article.

Wired reports that the two tones, when played together, are “more attention-getting than simpler steady-state sounds” and that the characteristics of the sound “make it easy to place spatially, and the lower pitch passes more effectively through closed windows.”

Linus Bike sales representative Jason Latty comments on the new technology as a pivotal piece to cyclist safety. “With a horn designed specifically to keep cyclists safe, motorists will be more aware of bicycles sharing the road. Cycling accidents with motor vehicles should see a dramatic decrease over time.”

Linus Bike is a California-based bicycle manufacturer that specializes in creating vintage style city bikes and commuter bikes. Not simply a bicycle company, Linus Bike sells a complete line of accessories for the environmentally conscious and for those who have a fondness for European style bicycles and the great tradition of European cycling.


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