Three Simple Steps to Ease Chemotherapy Side Effects and Provide Nutrition

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A unique and award winning product helps cancer patients cope with the side effects of chemotherapy while bringing joy, ease and nutrition back to eating. With whole food frozen pops, The HopeFULL Kit eases mouth sores, appetite loss and nausea.

A Variety of Fruit and Vegetable HopeFULL Pops

"The HopeFULL products provide superior nutritional intake for anyone with medical, swallowing or texture problems."
Clancy Cash Harrison MS, RD, LDN

Difficulty eating often goes hand in hand with chemotherapy treatments and can add both a physical and mental hinderance to healing. Chemotherapy can cause mouth sores, nausea, loss of appetite, diarrhea or constipation, and aversion to food odors among other side effects. The HopeFULL Kit helps reduce these side effects while making it easier and more joyful to eat. Follow these three simple steps to ease chemotherapy side effects and maintain calorie and nutrient requirements. Use the HopeFULL tools and recipes or use items already in your kitchen, such as an ice cube tray, and create your own recipes.

Ease Mouth Sores and Throat Irritation:
Soft blended foods are best, and frozen foods may feel very soothing. Choose fruits and vegetables that puree well like banana, mango, cooked sweet potato or baked squash. Stay away from citrus foods which could irritate mouth sores. Smoothie diets come in handy, as well as foods like apple sauce and cottage cheese. Avoid sugary frozen pops that offer no nutrition and limit ice cream to an occasional treat.

Reduce Appetite Loss:
Every bite counts when you have no appetite! And so does every calorie. When you can eat only small portions choose high calorie foods with high protein and healthy fat content to avoid unintentional weight loss. Nut butters, avocado and coconut milk are good options, and pair well with other nutrient-dense foods like berries and even spinach.

Calm Diarrhea and Nausea:
Choose easy to digest foods when diarrhea and nausea are a problem. Oatmeal, bananas, rice and mashed potatoes are good examples of simple carbohydrates which should be easy to digest.  Add infant oatmeal and rice cereal; they are easy to digest, leave you feeling more full and are a great source of iron. Frozen foods, like HopeFULLs, are especially appreciated when food smells are an obstacle as they have no food aromas. 

The HopeFULL Company was created by two Minnesota sisters after helping a friend eat during chemotherapy. The company mission is to make it easy to prepare satisfying, nutrient-dense and easily edible meals and snacks for those having trouble eating. A year after bringing The HopeFULL Kit to market, they created The BellyFULL Kit, which aims to provide parents with the recipes and tools they need to get their children interested in and eating more healthy whole foods.

The HopeFULL Kit is recommended by healthcare professionals, it includes the tools and recipes to create healthy whole-food frozen pops intended to be a snack or a small meal when eating becomes difficult. The HopeFULL Kit includes a silicone mold, twenty easy recipes and 100 spoon sticks. It can be purchased at the HopeFULL website. Free shipping is available through the end of February, 2013 with the discount code: freeshipfeb. Other discounts, recipes and inspirational stories can be found at The HopeFULL Company's Facebook Page.

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