Pittsburgh Mental Coach, Dan Vitchoff Teaches Athletes to Use A New and Innovative Form of Mental Training to Achieve a Competitive Edge

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Professional and Olympic athletes are turning to mental training, sports psychology and hypnosis to achieve a competitive edge.

Big games like the Super Bowl are typically decided by the team’s ability to make big plays under pressure and the least amount of mental mistakes.

Athletes will do just about anything to gain the competitive edge. Lance Armstrong recently admitted to Oprah that he had used performance enhancing drugs throughout the course of his career. During Super Bowl media week, allegations surfaced that Baltimore Ravens’ All-Pro Linebacker, Ray Lewis used a banned substance known as Deer Antler Velvet spray to help speed up recovery from an injury earlier in the season. Olympic and professional athletes spend their whole lives conditioning their minds and bodies to excel in their sport. Whether the sport is cycling, football or Olympic shooting, athletes are always looking for something that will help them gain a competitive edge. For some, like Lance Armstrong and Ray Lewis, the temptation to use performance enhancing drugs gets the best of them. Others have turned to mental training, sports psychology and hypnosis to improve their game.

Daniel S. Vitchoff, (Dan Vitchoff) is the President of Pittsburgh’s PA Hypnosis Center and the Founder of the Nationally Acclaimed Sports Performance Technique, “The 33 MethodTM.” Vitchoff is a mental training and performance coach for the US Olympic Shooting Team. Vitchoff used his 33 MethodTM to help two of his athletes win Gold Medals at the Olympics. Glenn Eller won a Gold Medal in Men’s Double Trap in 2008 and Vincent Hanock won a Gold Medal in Men’s Skeet in 2008 and then repeated in 2012. Vitchoff helps athletes wire their brains for success in their sport. “When competing on such a high level, such as the Olympics, mental training is the one thing that can help an athlete gain the competitive edge. The brain is the most powerful pharmacy on earth. Once you get to that level, they’re so highly skilled and trained physically, however, the variables that can occur during competition such as wind, rain and intense pressure can directly impact an athletes’ performance. My athletes go into competition prepared for any situation that may occur; they have prepared themselves mentally for wind, rain, noise and high pressure situations. Big games like the Super Bowl are typically decided by the team’s ability to make big plays under pressure and the least amount of mental mistakes. ”

Like Vitchoff, San Francisco 49-ers head coach, Jim Harbaugh has been quoted talking about how he believes his team’s best trait is its ability to demonstrate strong preparation habits saying, “The way we work, the way we prepare is the best thing we've got going for us.” Under the guidance of Jim Harbaugh, that discipline and preparation has clearly had a huge impact on their success this season. Illustrating the power of the mind/ body connection, Frank Gore, 49-ers veteran running back and supposed target of the New Orleans Saints Bounty Hunting Program has said, “my feet and brain are one.” Vitchoff’s “33 MethodTM” Mental Training helps athletes maximize that mind body connection. Vitchoff customizes his 33 MethodTM for each athlete he works with. He can also adapt the 33 MethodTM to address personal health issues such as weight loss and smoking cessation. “I take the same approach with my food addiction clients in my office. I look at their lives and help them prepare for success no matter what personal challenges they are facing. I help them reduce stress and change their perspective on themselves, their lives and the world around them so they can take back control over their lives and develop a healthy relationship with food.”

Through his work with American soldiers and elite athletes, Dan Vitchoff discovered that the soldiers and athletes he worked with had places where they could go to train their bodies but there was no specific place that they could go specifically to train their minds. Because of this need, Dan Vitchoff developed the “Original Mind GymTM” which provides athletes, soldiers, entertainers and business executives a physical location where they can go train their minds as often and with as much or more precision than they use to train their bodies. Dan Vitchoff’s 33 MethodTM Original Mind GymTM can be used to help people re-wire their brains to achieve success personally and/ or professionally with programs for sports such as golf, gymnastics, football and shooting as well programs for weight loss, smoking cessation, overcoming anxiety, public speaking proving that old adage, “you can do anything that you put your mind to.”

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