Homeowners Consumer Center Now Urges All Individuals About To Purchase A New US Home To Confirm From The Builder The Drywall Was Made In The USA and Not China-In Writing

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The Homeowners Consumer Center says, "Even though we are certain there are about 200,000 homes in the states like Florida, the Gulf States, or Virginia that contain Chinese drywall that is toxic enough to eat through an air conditioning coil in about a year, we fear most US homeowners, or consumers have never heard about toxic Chinese drywall. We are now urging all US home buyers, who are about to purchase a new home in any state to get a certificate from the homebuilder that all drywall in the home was made in the United States." http://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com

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If you do not learn from history-you are doomed to repeat it. Make certain your brand new home only contains US made drywall. If the homebuilder will not agree to this-don't buy the home

The Homeowners Consumers Center is now urging home buyers in any US State who are in the process of buying a new home to ask for a certificate from the homebuilder verifying all of the drywall came from a national brand name US drywall maker. The Homeowners Consumer Center says, "The US Consumer Products Safety Commission indicates they have found toxic Chinese drywall in 44 US states. According to our investigation toxic Chinese drywall started to enter the United States in 2001. The peak years for toxic Chinese drywall were 2005, and 2006. All toxic Chinese drywall homes we are aware of are in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, and one home in California. What other states has the US Consumer Products Safety Commission discovered toxic Chinese drywall, and who were the makers? Did the US Consumer Products Safety Commission discover Knauf Tianjin, or Chinese state owned toxic Taishan drywall in these 44 states? Kind of important information for homeowners in those 44 states. Why are we so worried about toxic Chinese drywall in US homes? In your typical Florida home that contains toxic Chinese drywall the standard air conditioning copper coil lasts about a year before the gasses being emitted by the Chinese drywall turn the air conditioning coil black, and eats holes in the coil. How good does that sound for your health, or your children's health?" http://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com

So why the new concern from the Homeowners Consumer Center about US home buyers getting a letter from their homebuilder certifying all drywall in the new home, condominium, or town home contains only US made drywall from reputable US drywall makers? According to the Homeowners Consumer Center, "On January 22, 2013 CNN Money said, quote, lawmakers finally passed a piece of legislation aimed at tainted drywall. There's just one problem: the bill does little to prevent the problem from continuing to spread, nor keep it from happening again. And it doesn't call for standards ensuring that future drywall – imported or domestically produced – does not release similarly problematic levels of sulfur gases. It also doesn't mandate disclosure of Chinese drywall when an affected home is sold – leaving a whole new generation of buyers currently at risk for inheriting the tainted homes. What's more, after lobbying pressure from industry, the watered-down legislation hands off virtually all responsibility for developing a handful of new rules to drywall manufacturers themselves, rather than government regulators. As a result, little may actually change for those whose finances and health have been severely impacted by the tainted drywall. And what's actually causing the drywall to release its corrosive gases may remain a mystery. Most lawmakers involved in sponsoring the Drywall Safety Act were unwilling to answer questions about their new legislation, despite issuing glowing press releases after its passage touting it as an important step in the drywall saga." The Homeowners Consumer Center adds, "Welcome to our new nightmare, the US Homebuilding, and US Drywall Industry gets to self regulate itself on drywall safety? Because new homes are built with slim margins we now fear some US homebuilders might be stupid enough to start using Chinese made drywall again, perhaps shipped into the US via Mexico, or Canada." http://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com

The Homeowners Consumer Center is one of the best branded advocates for US homeowners, and the group fears if you do not learn from history, you are doomed to repeat it. They worry without informed consumers US homebuilders may revert back to business as usual, that may include Chinese made drywall. The Homeowners Consumer Center says, "We are certain in about ten years cable TV stations will be running law firm advertisements about-quote Did you live in a toxic Chinese drywall home between 2001, and 2013, and do you have dead family members who lived in one of these homes too? Demand a certificate from your homebuilder that your newly build home only contains US made drywall." http://HomeownersConsumerCenter.Com

(United States District Court-Eastern District of Louisiana MDL Case #2047)

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