Mattress Store Online Bed Quilt Comments On U.S. News Article Reporting Electronics Impair Sleep

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Following an article published on U.S. News revealing that using electronics can cause over-activity in the brain, mattress store Online Bed Quilt affirmed that being exposed to light from electronics can negatively impact your sleep experience.

On February 5, Online Bed Quilt, a leading mattress store, comments on an article posted by U.S. News suggests that electronics can cause our brains to continue to work while we’re trying to go to bed, resulting in a loss of sleep.

The U.S. News article said experts recommend shutting off electronics at a certain time every night, almost like a technology curfew. It said people suffering from severe sleep deprivation or insomnia should turn off devices at least a half hour before you try to sleep.

Turning off electronics before bed can help people sleep longer, the article said. Though the recommended time for sleep is eight hours for adults, many people only get four or five. Shortened sleep time can halt the body’s process of producing hormones, repairing cells, fighting infection and boosting our immune system, the article said.

Justin Maas, a representative from mattress store Online Bed Quilt, said the blue light emitted from electronics can trick the brain into thinking it’s not night time. “If you’re one of those people who text in your bed at night and stay up playing with apps on your phone, you’re probably not getting the right amount of sleep,” he said. “The harsh blue light emitted from smartphones or computers keep your brain from relaxing and powering down. The light alerts your brain that it’s still daytime, so you won’t be able to relax enough to fall asleep.”

The article concluded with tips on how people can promote a healthy sleep cycle by mediation. “All you have to do is breathe,” the article said. After a study involving eight weeks of simple meditation before bed, the article said participants became less affected by stress and learned how to manage it.

Maas said meditation can help repair disrupted sleep patterns, but people need to moderate the use of electronics before bed. “Meditation can work, but people also need to realize meditation requires no disruption,” Maas said. “Meaning they need to shut off all electronics. If you disable the use of electronics after a certain time, try meditating and maybe even upgrade some of your sleep products, you should be able to greatly improve your level of sleep.”

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