Special Medical Condition Placards for Vehicles Could Save Lives

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4 Leaf Clover, LLC introduces a new line of vehicle mirror hang tags and window decals that display special medical conditions of vehicle occupants, potentially saving lives by providing critical medical care information to emergency responders.

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Even something as simple as whether or not you’re currently taking a blood thinner can dramatically affect the type of treatment you should receive in an emergency situation.

Medical condition placards are now available as both rear-view mirror hang tags and window decals, giving vehicle drivers and occupants the opportunity to display special medical conditions that may affect the nature or type of emergency care administered by paramedics in the event of an accident. By informing rescue workers of special medical conditions, these placards could save lives.

The placards were created by Patti Dinger, CEO of 4 Leaf Clover, LLC. Patti travels extensively with her career, and during her time on the road, she has often considered what would happen if an accident rendered her unable to describe her special medical condition to paramedics. For her, as for many others, the question is an important one.

“I'm a type 2 diabetic with high blood pressure,” Patti says. “I’m on 5 types of medication. If I’m unconscious, who's informing the emergency workers of this? Even something as simple as whether or not you’re currently taking a blood thinner can dramatically affect the type of treatment you should receive in an emergency situation.”

4 Leaf Clover's medical hang tags and decals are essential for individuals with serious medical conditions or allergies that could affect medical care options, Patti says. “We already hang handicapped placards in our cars. Special medical condition placards are even more important. Making your condition known could save your life in an accident.”

For example, many individuals are severely allergic to latex, a material that is used commonly in a variety of medical situations. If an allergic individual is unable to communicate this allergy to rescue workers, he or she could experience a dangerous reaction. Similarly, individuals undergoing treatments such as chemotherapy or wound care must receive specialized medical attention. The placards created by 4 Leaf Clover answer these potential risks by making special medical information clear to paramedics and other responders.

The placards are portable and can be can be stored in luggage, hung on hotel room doors, and displayed in other ways as needed. Individuals who are taking specific medications can write these medications on their placards to direct medical personnel in providing proper treatment.

Currently, individuals with certain special medical conditions can obtain medical ID cards or wristbands with important medical information inscribed, and these are helpful in a variety of circumstances. But in the event of an automobile accident, ID cards and wristbands may not be readily visible or accessible to rescue workers. The brightly-colored mirror tags and window clings developed by 4 Leaf Clover stand out and are readily noticeable, helping emergency workers provide the right care every time.

Placards can be purchased at 4LeafCloverLLC.com.

About 4 Leaf Clover, LLC

4 Leaf Clover, LLC, manufactures and distributes medical condition hang tags and window decals for use in vehicles. In the event of a vehicular accident, these tags are designed to notify first responders of the vehicle occupants' special medical conditions. 4 Leaf Clover's mission is to help save lives while improving medical care for everyone on the road. Visit 4LeafCloverLLC.com to learn more.

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