Laugh Staff Comments on Absence of Support Network for Would-Be Speech Givers

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Laugh Staff, a speech-writing and editing company, comments on the inadequate services available to the unprepared who find themselves faced with delivering a memorable speech or toast. In response, Laugh Staff announces their best man speech writing services.

On February 8, 2013, Laugh Staff comments on an article outlining the benefits offered by the International Toastmasters organization. Toastmasters is a nonprofit body that operates educational clubs worldwide aimed at helping members improve their communication and public speaking skills through informal presentation sessions. A veteran Toastmaster would, in theory, deliver the perfect best man speech.

A recent article in the Fort Morgan Times by Laurie Adolf, a Toastmaster, describes her experience with the organization. Adolf is sensitive to the fear of public speaking which plagues many people, and joined the club in part to work through her stuttering problem. “Most people shy away from anything that might put them in the spotlight when people anxiously are awaiting or hanging on your every word. Do the lights seem too hot, or is it just me? You swear every eyeball in the place is on you!” says Adolf in the article.

In the club, members are assigned speech-giving tasks to be presented in a low-pressure environment and receive constructive criticism. “The first speech is what they call an ‘icebreaker’ speech, where you tell the audience a little about yourself so they can get to know you better,” says Adolf. “I was frightened, yes, but I found myself kind of excited to tell my little story and learn what kind of feedback I would get. There were the usual errors, using uhhs and umms, and my voice was too soft so not everyone could catch what I was saying.”

In the years since she joined, Adolf has given and listened to many presentations, learned a lot, and lost her stutter. She values the chance, when faced with giving a presentation or speech in her day-to-day-life, to do a “test run” at a Toastmasters gathering to get through first-run jitters and receive feedback in a friendly atmosphere, reports the article. “But the number one thing I've learned about preparing and giving speeches,” she continues, “is that the speech is not about you, it's about how your audience is going to perceive it that's important. Business owners and managers should take what I've said under advisement, as an investment in having a member in Toastmasters will pay you back with a more valued employee.”

Laugh Staff representative Josh Womack responds to the article. “As a company that serves the unfunny, untrained public speaker, we understand the perils of being unprepared for that crucial toasting obligation, or of falling flat with desperate material. Toastmasters International is a fantastic way to hone your confidence and presentation skills for life. But what about those of us in need of a more short term solution when faced with the task of writing the perfect speech for a friend or family member? Those of us who don’t have the time to learn the art of public speaking at our leisure need more immediate support – we need crisis management by talented comedians. Who will help the speechless speech-givers? Laugh Staff is a company that actually helps you create the perfect speech for any event.”

Laugh Staff provides speech-writing services to friends and family members of the bride and groom. They assist best men and maid of honors in speech editing, speech writing and training on speech delivery. Recognizing the importance of the big day, best men and maid of honors work with professional comedians to ensure their speech is memorable.


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