Leavitt Partners launches LP Health Speakers - a speakers bureau to share health care intelligence

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Leavitt Partners launches LP Health Speakers

Leavitt Partners delivers health care intelligence, and those who have it are better prepared to navigate the substantial complexity and uncertainty of American health care.

Leavitt Partners has launched LP Health Speakers, an experienced and knowledgeable selection of health care visionaries and thought leaders who are available to deliver keynote addresses, moderate and participate in panels, speak at retreats, facilitate strategic discussions and conferences, and brief senior executive teams. The firm is pleased to feature more than a dozen health care business leaders, policy experts and clinicians who have led companies, served in senior federal and state health policy positions, advised presidents and presidential candidates and cared for patients.

“Leavitt Partners is in the business of collecting, analyzing and sharing information that helps entities understand current health care dynamics and make smart decisions about the future. We call it ‘health care intelligence’ and those who have it are better prepared to navigate the substantial complexity and uncertainty of American health care,” said Leavitt Partners president and CEO Rich McKeown. “Leavitt Partners Health Speakers takes our firm’s health care intelligence on the road and shares it with audiences that are interested in improving America’s health care system.”

Speaker topics span a wide range of relevant health care topics, such as:

  • Affordable Care Act
  • Aftermath of the 2012 elections
  • The accountable care movement
  • Health insurance exchanges
  • Medicaid expansion
  • Health information technology
  • The future of Medicare
  • The nexus of health care and the economy
  • Collaboration: the next frontier of human productivity
  • Consolidation in the health care business

Featured speakers and presenters include these distinguished health care experts and leaders:

Michael O. Leavitt – Leavitt Partners founder and chairman. Mike Leavitt is a former three-term governor, Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) administrator and Health and Human Services (HHS) secretary. Leavitt was named in December 2012 by POLITICO Pro as one of the five key players to watch on health care reform and has been referred to by the Wall Street Journal as “a seasoned U.S. expert in politics, management, and global health.” His deep understanding of American business, the health care system, state and federal government and future trends offers audiences a compelling and insightful understanding of why and how the American health care system must transition to new and better models of care.

Rich McKeown – Leavitt Partners president and CEO. Rich McKeown is the former chief of staff at EPA and HHS and is an expert in health care policy, collaborative decision-making, and management of large organizations. At HHS he directed and coordinated the activities of the largest department in the federal government, serving as the secretary’s day-to-day manager for a department that employed 67,000 people and had a budget in excess of $740 billion. Today, McKeown leads the health care intelligence developed at Leavitt Partners. His substantive, insightful and often humorous presentations inform and entertain audiences.

Wayne Sensor – Leavitt Partners managing director and partner. Wayne Sensor manages the provider practice at Leavitt Partners and serves as the lead executive in advising premier hospital systems. With more than 25 years of experience leading major health care systems, he is passionate about the need to fix a badly broken health care system. Having served as a CEO at three hospital systems, Sensor brings real-world knowledge to his presentations about transformational leadership, health care quality and transparency, and patient engagement. A sought-after leader in health care, Sensor has testified before congressional committees and been appointed to the National Governors Association State Alliance on e-Health.

Cheryl Smith – Leavitt Partners director. Cheryl Smith helps direct Leavitt Partners health insurance exchange practice and is a national expert on the development and implementation of insurance exchanges. Smith is a former health policy fellow at The Heritage Foundation in Washington, D.C. and frequently quoted in the media. Colorful, informed and expressive, Cheryl Smith is a noted expert on health insurance exchanges and conversant on the political landscape of health policy.

David Merritt – Leavitt Partners managing director and partner. David Merritt is a nationally recognized expert in health care policy and a sought-after speaker, author and policy adviser. He has been a health policy adviser to three presidential candidates and is widely published, including opinion columns in the USA Today, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe and Miami Herald. He is an award-winning editor of two books on innovation and health information technology, Paper Kills and the sequel Paper Kills 2.0. Merritt is the former CEO of the Gingrich Group and the Center for Health Transformation and currently leads Health Intelligence Partners, a health care executive collaboration by Leavitt Partners.

Charlene Frizzera – Leavitt Partners senior advisor and FuturePanel member. Charlene Frizzera offers audiences the lessons learned from a more than three-decade long career at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. With superb operational knowledge about CMS, Frizzera can explain the federal labyrinth of health care policy better than almost anyone on the planet. Diminutive, expressive and energetic, Frizzera lights up a crowd with her stories and, more importantly, inspires a better future for health care in America.

Susan Winckler – Leavitt Partners senior advisor and FuturePanel member. Susan Winckler is the former chief of staff for the FDA and the current president and CEO of the Food and Drug Law Institute. A pharmacist and attorney by training, Winckler has invested more than 20 years in health care policy at the federal level. She has a unique ability to translate policy-speak into practical terms, with a focus on how medical products and services fit into the broader health care system. She is also an excellent moderator – helping panelists compare and contrast their views while engaging their audience.

David Acheson – Leavitt Partners managing director and partner. David Acheson has more than 30 years of medical and food safety research and experience. He is the former chief medical officer at the FDA Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition and Associate Commissioner for Foods. Dr. Acheson has published extensively and is internationally recognized for his research on infectious diseases. He is a fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (London).

Charlie Johnson – Leavitt Partners senior advisor and partner. Charlie Johnson’s career spans 31 years in public accounting followed by more than a decade of public service as a chief of staff for a governor, chief financial officer at the Environmental Protection Agency and chief financial officer at Health and Human Services. Most recently, Johnson helped reform the financial practices of the Global Fund, a public-private partnership and international financing institution that disperses billions of dollars to fight AIDS, TB and malaria. Johnson brings a depth of experience, certain pragmatism and homegrown humor to his presentations about leadership, health reform dynamics, public accounting and the lessons learned from a lifetime of finance and government experience.

Brett Graham – Leavitt Partners managing director and partner. Brett Graham manages the payer and exchange practices at Leavitt Partners and is one of the nation’s leading experts on health insurance exchanges. He holds a master’s degree in business administration from the Harvard Business School and has worked at the Boston Consulting Group, UnitedHealth Group within the Ingenix business unit, and Meritain Health. Graham’s deep knowledge base and keen business sense make a lasting impression on audiences.

Andrew Croshaw – Leavitt Partners managing director and partner. Andrew Croshaw oversees the Leavitt Partners Center for Accountable Care and manages the medical products and services team. After completing his MBA at Harvard Business School, Andrew Croshaw held multiple leadership positions at Eli Lilly and Novartis. He also served as project leader for the Value-Driven Healthcare Initiative at HHS. Croshaw’s experience in business and at HHS provides audiences with a well-rounded perspective about health care policy development and implementation.

Taylor Leavitt – Leavitt Partners managing director and partner. Taylor Leavitt heads the company’s private equity practice. A graduate of the UCLA Anderson School of Business, Leavitt is an expert in evaluating promising health care transactions. With experience with four major investment entities, Leavitt knows how to make transaction dollars succeed. Conversant about the future of health care reform, Taylor Leavitt can share important insights about health care investing.

Dr. John Nelson – Leavitt Partners senior advisor and FuturePanel member. Dr. John Nelson possesses more than three decades of medical practice and health policy experience. He is a past president of the American Medical Association and a board certified obstetrician and gynecologist. Nelson is passionate about patient care and frequently reminds health policy experts that the patient must be at the center of every health care policy discussion. Witty, humorous, articulate and seasoned, “Dr. John” will entertain an audience with his style and provoke thoughtful discussions about the future of care in America.

John Poelman – Leavitt Partners senior director. John Poelman directs the Leavitt Partners knowledge development team, a compilation of analysts, researchers and subject matter experts who cull and refine health care intelligence for the firm. He is an expert on health care policy data, regulations and trends and is an impassioned believer in creating a better health care system for our country. Poelman served as a health policy analyst at HHS where he focused on health care financing reform and quality improvement initiatives. He also served as a director for the Federal Coordinating Council for Comparative Effectiveness. Smart, insightful and genuine in his commitment to a better health care system, Poelman impresses audiences with his knowledge and inspires better policies that will improve health care.

Dan Schuyler – Leavitt Partners director. Dan Schuyler helps guide Leavitt Partners health insurance exchange practice and is a noted expert on the technical development and requirements of insurance exchanges. A holder of numerous IT certifications, Schuyler served as the director of technology for the Utah Health Insurance Exchange. Known for his expertise and knowledge about information technology and business processes, Dan is an excellent presenter on technical topics pertaining to health insurance exchanges.

David Smith – Leavitt Partners health care economist and analyst. David Smith is a trained economist, statistician and analyst with a specialty in health care trends, the regulatory environment and public programs. Smith prepares statistical and financial analysis of health reform trends and the economy that inform the health care intelligence of the firm. Quantitative, yet personal, Smith is able to describe current trends and explain the implications on the American economy. More importantly, he can raise provocative questions that will keep an audience thinking long after the presentation is through.

For booking information and pricing contact Anne Marie McDonald, Director of LP Health Speakers at (801) 915-3003 or annemarie(at)leavittpartners(dot)com.

To learn more about Leavitt Partners Health Speakers visit LPHealthSpeakers.com.

About Leavitt Partners

American health care has reached a historic inflection point. We face the reality of a global economy, growing debt and rising health care costs. To remain a compassionate and competitive nation, we must change our current health care system. At Leavitt Partners our passion is to improve health care. We deliver collaborative, high-value intelligence and help organizations navigate the future as they transition to new and better models of care. For more information visit LeavittPartners.com or call (801) 538-5082.

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