This Valentine's Day, Center City Hypnosis Helps People Forget Bad Relationships

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A hypnotist explains how people can use hypnosis to get over a bad breakup.

...many of his clients are finding that the rise of social networking and constant mobile communication has made these kinds of problems worse.

Many people know that hypnosis can help people stop smoking or lose weight, but not as many are aware that hypnosis can also be used to help people "forget" a bad relationship.

Steve Roh, owner of Center City Hypnosis, reports that using hypnosis for this purpose is surprisingly popular, especially when holidays such as Valentine's Day cause people to focus on romantic relationships.

Steve said that many people who are stuck with feelings or thoughts about a past relationship will ask if a hypnotist can help them "forget" a person. He explained that while amnesia is something that can be demonstrated in hypnosis, using amnesia for this purpose is not a good idea. The better way to use hypnosis is to help a person care less about the "ex", not to deliberately try to cause amnesia.

According to Steve, when a hypnotist helps a person change how they feel about the ex-relationship, they will naturally think less about things like "Why didn't I see it coming?" or "What could I have done differently?" Then they will naturally forget about it.

This type of hypnosis is most effective when the person has already made a decision to end the relationship, but for some reason cannot stop thinking or feeling for the "ex", Steve said. "If they are still on the fence about getting back together with their ex, or whether or not they should stay in it, hypnosis can't make that decision for them."

Steve notes that each individual case is different. Some of the factors that need to be considered are whether or not the person has a repeated pattern of bad relationships and breakups, whether or not the person has other healthy connections in their life such as family and friends, and how long ago the relationship ended.

"If someone just broke up with their longtime serious girlfriend or boyfriend a week ago, that's not the same thing as someone who's still upset about a breakup that happened a year ago," he said. "We want to help the natural forgetting process happen, so they can move on. But it's natural to be upset if a serious romance has ended, especially right afterwards."

Steve also said that many of his clients are finding that the rise of social networking and constant mobile communication has made these kinds of problems worse.

"Because of Facebook and texting," he said, "a lot of people are having trouble disconnecting from the other person, even if they want to, because of how their friends and ex's are connected in these networks." He suggested that people make a conscious effort to filter or block such connections, in order to help their subconscious let go of the attachment.

Bio - Steve Roh is owner of Center City Hypnosis in Philadelphia PA. Since 2006 he has helped thousands of individuals with goals such as stopping smoking, losing weight, and overcoming fears. He is the editor of "Real World Hypnosis" and has been featured in numerous local TV and radio appearances.

Contact - For further information or to schedule an interview, call Steve Roh at 267-303-0036, or visit


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