Living in a Stepfamily is a Source of Constant Personal Development - A New Book Helps Blended Families Create A Strong Foundation And Replace Guilt With Pride

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Don’t cultivate and nurture problems in the fusion family. - "What you focus on, you get more of", explains Charlotte Egemar Kaaber.

A strong foundation in your fusion family creates stability and opportunity for growth

The tough life of blended families can be much more exciting and fun if we look at all the experiences, as a source of personal development, concludes Danish author Charlotte Egemar Kaaber after 9 years in a fusion family.

She has written a new book "The Fusion Family's FIRST AID KIT - Problem Solver for the Blended Family” providing new creative angles and solutions to the challenges of the blended family.

  • "What do we do when we find out that we cannot stand our partner's children, because he/she did not discipline them?," asks Charlotte Egemar Kaaber and suggests that we have a loving conversation with our partner, to reveal whether he/she has a guilty conscience towards his/her children and therefore unconsciously compensate by not disciplining them.
  • "It is important to create a solid foundation for our fusion family, if we attempt to build a new family, not one where one or perhaps both parties feel guilty about being divorced. The bad conscience is an invisible, but very significant and weighty part in order to succeed as a blended family," says Charlotte Egemar Kaaber, a Fusion Family Expert, Holistic Mentor and also author of "The Fusion Family - How to succeed with your blended family."

According to Kaaber the bad conscience is one of the biggest reasons why many fusion families fail.

  • "Many of us just do not know. We think it is something else. Therefore, we might as well start by looking at the baggage we both bring with us into our new family. Find out where we stand both in relation to children and our exes. Look carefully at the foundation for our new family," suggests Kaaber.
  • "You can recognize the bad conscience when you allow the children to do something you would not normally allow, if you fail to correct them, or you compensate with material things. You may ask yourself how you would react in the same situation if you were still married to the other parent. It is always a good benchmark, if you are in doubt," explains Charlotte Egemar Kaaber.
  • "Instead of using our energy on feeling guilty, we should instead turn the situation around. Imagine that we show our children, both in word and action that we go for love. We go ‘all in’, we will not settle. We choose love and set an example for our children. We pave the way for them to do the same. We become a great role model," says Charlotte Egemar Kaaber.

Thousands of new blended families every day
Based on her clients and their experiences, Kaaber now launches the book, where the fusion family can quickly look up their challenges and get inspiration for solutions. They do not need to read a whole book to get sparring.

  • "I will give you a place to go when your blended life gets difficult." promises Charlotte Egemar Kaaber, who has coached numerous blended families through the tough times.

In her book Kaaber gives her thoughts on how to handle:

  • When a boyfriend/girlfriend says that he/she does not like the kids
  • When communication breaks down
  • When the new partner does not want to take a vacation with the children
  • When an ex-wife has too much influence in the fusion family

The book consists of practical advice and tips that can support fusion families to view their challenges from a different angle than they are used to, which did not give them the desired result.

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