LIDA360 Offers Super Bowl-Size Tips to Enlist Fans for Your Personal Brand

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An important part of building a reputation and personal brand is creating fans, cheerleaders and advocates. Lida Citroen, of LIDA360, offers tips on identifying and empowering these types of contacts.

Lida Citroen, Reputation Management and Personal Branding Expert

As sports stars know, supportive fans create momentum and endorsement for your value!

Last weekend's Super Bowl XLVII was a reminder of the importance of creating fans, cheerleaders and advocates when building a reputation and personal brand. A strong personal brand builds momentum as milestones are achieved, results are measured, and fans cheer on for future success. For this reason, it is critical to identify, nurture and cultivate a solid network of supporters.

Lida Citroen, reputation management and personal branding expert, offers the following tips to identify these cheerleaders and enlist them as fans.

To identify your cheerleaders, consider these tips:
-Seek out contacts who can understand your value and contribution. Look to people you work with, interact on committees with and with whom you network regularly.
-Pay attention to how you are perceived by them. Do they introduce you as “book smart, academic and intellectual”? Or, do they refer to your value when speaking about you as in, “Susan always brings creative solutions to problems, moving our team forward.”
-Since building a fan base necessitates reciprocity, be sure the people you’re identifying as cheerleaders are ones who you will be able to provide value to. Can you meet their needs? Can you make them happy, even delighted?

Once you have identified those cheerleaders whom you will enlist as fans for your personal brand, follow these simple guidelines to get them excited and empowered to sing your praises:
-Make sure they can articulate your desired reputation. Building your personal brand means working in the direction of your ideal perception in the marketplace. In order to do this, your audience (and cheerleaders) need to clearly understand what value you provide, how you want to be perceived, and how you want others to feel about you.
-Empower your cheerleaders with the tools to help promote you. NFL teams might sell t-shirts, jerseys and banners to help fans spread their enthusiasm for their team, but consider what your audience needs. If your fans are online, be sure to have well-designed and functional social media sites (Facebook pages, Twitter account, Pinterest boards, etc) so your cheerleaders can “root” for you online. Similarly, if your cheerleaders need you to have marketing collateral or other tools so they can tell others about you, consider that an investment well made!
-Reward your fans. Just like pro teams give a “shout out” to the fans, recognizing that without them the game would mean so much less, don’t forget to thank your cheerleaders for their support, encouragement and resources. Without cheerleaders, our careers would be so much less rewarding.

Building and maintaining a fan base of cheerleaders is not a luxury — great companies and personal brands are built as a result of this support and thrive when that fan base helps spread our value to others through formal and viral marketing channels.

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