Compression Golf Sock Company PRO Compression Supports Use of Compression Garments for Travel

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Pro Compression, a graduated compression golf socks distributor, responds to a Fibre2fashion article which discusses the merits of using compression socks during long traveling trips.

On February 13, 2013, PRO Compression acknowledges the merits of using graduated compression garments to ease long distance travelers.

The Fibre2fashion post highlights the benefits of compression garments. Some advantages of compression are expressed through commercial pilot, Doug Handy. Handy describes himself as someone that likes to be proactive in his health and believes that wearing compression socks is an avenue in maintaining good health, reports the article.

One of Handy’s health concerns focuses on preventing Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT). The article explains that long periods of sitting in fixed space have contributed to the development of blood clots. Furthermore, the blood clots are indicated as possible precursor pulmonary embolisms. The article cites that Pulmonary Embolisms and DVT claim more lives than the combination of AIDS and breast cancer.

The article states that a there is wide ignorance of the benefits of compression socks for those that spend a lot of time sitting. Compression garments, such as golf socks or specific types of stocking, operate under the premise that the compression will facilitate better circulation. As a result of improved circulation, the article reports that wearers of graduated compression socks are likely to prevent unhealthy buildups within the body.

PRO Compression CEO Eric Smith speaks in favor of using compression garments during travel. “Using compression garments, especially graduated compression socks, have a very relevant use for people like Mr. Handy. It’s not uncommon for pilots to be required to sit for long stretches of time without getting a lot of opportunities to move around. In times of prolonged inactivity, the importance of optimizing circulation can not be understated.”

Smith concludes by commending Doug Handy on his proactive approach to his health. “More people should take inventory of the frequent behaviors and habits like Mr. Handy did. He recognized that there was a veiled risk in his day to day practices and found a remedy to prevent what could have been a very unpleasant malady later on.”

At PRO Compression we’ve created high-quality, graduated compressions socks tailor-made for the weekend warrior, elite athletes as well as savvy Tour players. Unlike the countless gimmicks that claim to improve your game performance, with PRO Compression socks, the instant, positive improvement isn’t an empty promise – it’s purely scientific.


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