PRO Compression, Leading Provider of Graduated Compression Socks, Offers Input on Flying after Surgery

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The Seattle Times published an article addressing the risks involved in flying after a surgical procedure. PRO Compression offers a statement with regard to minimizing risk.

On February 15, 2013, PRO Compression, provides input with regard to a Seattle Times article discussing the dangers involved for travelers flying too soon after a surgical procedure.

Rita Zeidner’s Seattle Times contribution offers a word of caution to those who have had surgery and seek to travel shortly after. According to the article, doctors discourage any significant travel as a precaution against deep vein thrombosis (blood clots). While blood clots are dismissed as being relatively inert, considerable risk is involved if the blood clot travels. The deep veins of the legs are identified as one of the likeliest sources of a blood clot to become a threat. In the event a blood clot travels to the lungs, a pulmonary embolism may be the consequence the clots blockage.

The article claims that development of blood clots under normal circumstances are low. However, four weeks after surgery significantly increases the risk of a patient in developing complications. Complications are reported to arise as a result of a clot’s connection to a person’s immobility, dehydration and even the size and composition of one’s body, reports the article.

In the event that somebody is planning a long distance trip, the article mentions several ways to reduce the risk of blood clots. Wearing compression clothing, such as compression socks or other compression footwear, contributes to better circulation in the legs. As blood flows more easily throughout the leg, blood does not get the chance to stay stagnant and clot.

Eric Smith, CEO ofPRO Compression, offers his input with regard to the benefits of compression socks during a long trip. “We typically recommend PRO Compression socks to our athletes because it’s an excellent way to aide muscle recovery. The same principal behind muscle recovery can easily be applied to travelers that remain seated for long periods of time. Our PRO Compression graduated compression socks promote enhanced vascular flow in the legs giving the circulated blood minimal opportunity to backup and cause clotting.”

At PRO Compression we’ve created high-quality, graduated compressions socks tailor-made for the weekend warrior and elite athletes. Unlike the countless gimmicks that claim to improve your performance, with PRO Compression socks, the instant, positive improvement isn’t an empty promise – it’s purely scientific.


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