World-Renowned Opera Coach & Tao Song Teacher Master Helene Ziebarth Teaches Tao Song Healing to San Francisco Community at Master Sha’s Soul Healing Center February 9 – 10, 2013

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Unlock the power of Tao soul healing at the Tao Song Workshop from celebrity opera vocal coach Helene Ziebarth February 9 - 10 at Master Sha's Soul Healing Center in San Francisco

Master Helene Ziebarth

"I have the power to heal myself. You have the power to heal yourself. Together, we have the power to heal the world" -- Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha

In a rare opportunity, the San Francisco community is invited to learn the power of Tao Soul healing at the Tao Song Workshop with celebrity opera teacher, vocal coach and Tao Soul Singer Master Helene Ziebarth on February 9 – 10, from 10:00am -9:00pm at Master Sha’s Soul Healing Center in San Francisco.

Along with instructions from Tao Channels and Masters Peggy Werner and Ximena Gavino, participants will experience the beauty and power of opening their Tao Song Channel to serve others through their soul’s song or the song from the Source. Recognized by many as being on the cutting edge, the Bay Area gave birth to sound healing almost 40 years ago. Since then, sound healing has emerged as a powerful healing modality recognized by leading educational and medical institutes and organizations around the world.

The Tao Song Workshop offered by Master Helene is based on the breakthrough Tao Song Soul Healer and Tao Song Singer Training Program created by Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, the world-renowned Master Healer and New York Times bestselling author of Tao Song and Tao Dance: Sacred Sound, Movement, and Power from the Source for Healing, Rejuvenation, Longevity, and Transformation of All Life. The Center is located at 1549 California Street in San Francisco. To register for this event or for more information, visit or call 415.971.7373.

World renowned Soul Healer and Divine Channel Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha has six Soul Power Centers around the world to help individuals live healthier, more connected, more enlightened lives on a community level, while Master Sha connects to audiences on an international level. Master Sha’s Centers seek to empower individuals to heal and transform every aspect of their life and to transform the world. “I have the power to heal myself. You have the power to heal yourself. Together, we have the power to heal the world,” says Master Sha. Master Sha has personally trained and selected Master Peggy Werner and Master Ximena Gavino as Divine Channels and Disciples to lead and serve the community at Master Sha’s Soul Healing Center in San Francisco, California.

Tao Song is the sound from the heart and soul of the Source. Each person has their own unique Soul Song, which is the song of their soul. When a person is able to access the power of their soul, they can heal, rejuvenate, enlighten and transform any aspect of their life, including their health, relationships, finances, and even intelligence. During the Tao Song Workshop, Tao Channels Masters Peggy and Ximena help participants open their Tao Song Channel to connect with the frequency of the Divine and Tao by removing soul, mind and body blockages. Master Helene teaches the ancient secrets and practice techniques to transform a participant’s voice. When individuals open their Tao Song Channel, they will sing songs from the Source. These Tao Songs carry the frequency and vibration from the Tao that can profoundly affect individuals’ bodies, minds and spirits. Master Helene will teach participants how to offer Soul Song Healings to clear negative energy and literally enlighten individuals’ souls, minds and bodies as well as helping friends, families and humanity with sickness and health issues.

During the two-day Tao Song Workshop, participants will learn:

  •     What is Tao Song?
  •     The significance and power of Tao Song
  •     Standard Tao Song from the Source and your Tao Song
  •     Building a strong foundation, including soul, breathing, energy, and body
  •     Breakthrough Functional Body/Breathing Technique created by Master Helene Ziebarth and Dr. Julius Parow
  •     Vocal Technique in Relation to Body-Breathing Control
  •     Remove soul, mind and body blockages in your Tao Song Channel

Everyone is welcome to attend the workshop. You do not need any prior music or voice training. The only requirement is a commitment and willingness to serve others with your voice.

Master Helene Ziebarth, vocal coach for internationally acclaimed opera singers and the only Tao Song Teacher and Tao Song Coach, will guide professional and new singers to develop their voice and singing techniques with a blend of traditional and Tao techniques. For over 40 years, Master Helene has coached many world-renowned singers at leading national and international opera houses and concert halls. Founder of Ziebarth-Vocalarts in Dusseldorf in 1981 and in Oslo in 1999, and originator of Soul Voice Breathing Body Principle, she has been invited to teach throughout the US, Canada, Belgium, Germany, and has taught individual and master classes regularly at the National Opera in Osla since 2002. Trained as a physiotherapist, rhythmic gymnastics teacher, classical singer, voice teacher, Alexandre Technique and Breathing Teacher, and Therapist for Dr. Julius Parow’s Functional Breathing Method, she uses humor and love to help bring out an individual’s soul voice. She currently travels extensively teaching singers to use their voice to heal themselves and others.

Master Peggy Werner is a Divine and Tao Channel and Disciple of Master Sha assigned to the California community. She is a spiritual representative of his teachings and healing abilities. As such, she is a very advanced Soul Healer, Soul Teacher and a powerful Divine Direct Soul Communicator with a highly developed Third Eye and the authority to read the Akashic Record of past, present and future lives. Master Peggy has also been given the authority to offer Divine Karma Cleansing (which is very rare) for all aspects of life or for a specific condition. At Master Sha’s Soul Healing Center, Master Peggy shares the wisdom, knowledge and practices she's learned in her thirteen years of study directly with Master Sha; and offers Divine Soul Healing Blessings to transform all aspects of life.

Master Ximena Gavino is a Divine and Tao Channel and Disciple of Master Sha assigned to the community in San Francisco. She is an advanced Soul Healer, Soul Teacher, and Certified Divine Direct Soul Communicator with the authority to read the past Akashic Records of past, present and future lives. Master Ximena has been given the authority to offer Divine Karma Cleansing and Divine Downloads for a specific condition, organ or part of the body. Master Ximena has studied with Master Sha since 2001, when she applied Soul Healing techniques to heal an ulcer, Crohn's disease, leaky gut (caused by food allergies), and adrenal depletion. Her experience and that of others inspired her to leave her corporate career after 30 years and answer the calling to be a Soul Healer, Soul Communicator and Soul Teacher. Since 2005, she has also been training Soul Healing Teachers and Healers around the world.

The team at Master Sha's Soul Healing Center is honored to serve the community and to personally guide individuals in developing their soul healing abilities, opening their spiritual channels, and advancing on their soul’s journey.

Master Helene offers Private Voice Lessons & Coaching Sessions: $150/hour
Group Voice Lessons & Coaching Sessions: $35/hour

Thousands are drawn to the Master Sha Soul Healing Center in San Francisco because of the high level Soul Healing treasures that are present. In this sacred environment, every cell, organ, organ system, energy center, and soul house of a visitor’s being is transformed by the Source’s love and light. Every offering of love, peace and harmony for humanity is echoed by the Source. For more information about this remarkable Healing Center, please visit or call 415.971.7373.

To interview Master Helene, Master Peggy and/or Master Ximena, please contact their publicist Darcie at Darcie.Rowan(at)Verizon(dot)com or call 347.407.0942


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