Harvard Researcher Peter Dash Releases New Novel Based on Real-World Turmoils

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‘ZUrabia’ Serves as a Cautionary Tale for Homeland Security, Dash Says

A new book, “ZUrabia,” by Peter Dash, is a cautionary tale that offers a unique take on current affairs among the world’s important institutions.

Dash draws from his experience as a world-traveled professor, and researcher for Harvard University's Center for International Affairs. Using his research, he warns through his thriller of a synchronized alliance of mass evil that makes Al-Qaeda look like a picnic.

“Take corrupt bankers, who have already wrecked our economy, and compromised national security. Stir in Nazi movements, now gaining increased traction in places like Greece. Pour in accelerating nuclear proliferation due to a corrupt physicist and rogue states. (Sound like Iran and North Korea today?) Add more than a pinch of Al-Qaeda and a Mexican drug cartel who Dash further predicts may join together with the whole evil lot,” Dash says. “Voila, ‘ZUrabia.’”

This cautionary tale is not only a thriller, but a wake-up call to Homeland Security and everyone in the West who thinks all is getting better and that we have already seen the worst,” he says. “It’s a wake-up for those who think nothing could be much bigger in total destructive effect than Al-Qaeda.

Fortunately, as in real life, there are protectors and potential saviors. Adrian Sands, a Harvard associate and ex-mercenary, teams up with a female Masonic order in the book. Though Dash does not think any female Freemasons will solve our world’s problems, the fact that he includes them in a partially satirical twist to his plot echoes his belief that more women in power would be a good start for world harmony. (Curiously, female Freemasonry seems to be excluded from many thrillers with Freemason content.)

But can anyone save us from what may be a real-world ZUrabia? No, he says, especially if western bankers continue to launder terrorist and criminal money.

During his research in Harvard in 1986, Dash correctly predicted gravely weakening western institutions, and that is why he made “ZUrabia” a cautionary tale.

“Fortunately, for the moment, ‘ZUrabia’ primarily makes for an entertaining page-turner, duplicated by a few thriller bestsellers in terms of research and intellectual quality,” Dash says.

About Peter Dash

Peter Dash has been a teacher, professor and corporate trainer for the past 17 years in Saudi Arabia, the former Soviet Union and China. He has an applied science degree in forestry and a master’s in applied teaching. He was a researcher in world order and youth groups at Harvard University's Center for International Affairs, started by Henry Kissinger. He follows the investment field intensely, focusing on commodity funds and trends. Fifteen percent of his book’s royalties will go to needy students consistent with the many years Dash has worked in assisting voluntary youth organizations. Dash invests in Gold ETFs and commodity trading companies.

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