Manoj Patankar Responds to Concern over Safety of Airplane Coffee Makers

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A recent warning issued by the FAA may have some travelers concerned over the use of coffee makers in aircrafts. However, aviation safety academic Manoj Patankar reveals that the risk is easily avoided.

When it comes to aviation safety everyone from the passengers to the pilots must follow certain regulations to ensure minimal risk while in the air. However, as a recent article from Jaunted suggests¸ products may also pose a certain level of danger to those onboard. The article reveals that a recent warning issued by the Federal Aviation Administration has raised some concern over the use of coffee makers while an aircraft is in flight. According to the article, when coffee makers are in use, specifically the coffee filters, there is a higher risk that the device could “explode right in the cabin.” However, it states, “This [is not] going to cause an emergency landing, but [it is] probably going to ruin the day of the flight attendant.” Manoj Patankar—author and professor focused on aviation safety—notes that although the risk imposed by airline coffee makers is minimal, the recent FAA warning merits proper observation of the hazard by professionals.

Having addressed and studied a wide variety of aviation safety risks, including everything from professional behavior to mechanics of aircrafts, Manoj Patankar notes that the risk of coffee maker explosion is easily resolved if flight attendant or other professionals follow certain precautionary measures. The article reveals, “It’s the prepackaged coffee filter things that appear to be the culprit here, as the buildup of pressure might cause a little boom or bang.” Manoj Patankar explains, “The current concern over airline coffee makers is no different from certain pens leaking at altitude due to lower atmospheric pressure in the aircraft cabin. A simple hole in the coffee packet could help alleviate the problem.”

Still, Manoj Patankar highlights the FAA warning as an example of how important it is for all professionals to stay aware of potential occupational hazards. Although the coffee maker threat is not one that should cause panic, the article does note that “[there has] been several reports of first and second degree burns from these coffee attacks.” Having authored texts on occupational safety, Patankar urges all flight attendants and pilots to recognize this current concern. Manoj Patankar concludes that while the possibility of a minor burn may not seem major, it is important for flight attendants to take note of certain precautionary actions to prevent themselves or passengers from becoming harmed by a coffee maker explosion.


Manoj Patankar is a leading educator and academic administrator who has greatly contributed to the field of aviation, workplace safety, engineering and sustainability. In addition to serving as a university professor in varied fields, Manoj Patankar has fulfilled immense administrative and leadership duties as the Vice President for Academic Affairs and the Chief Academic Office at Saint Louis University. Manoj Patankar is also the author of several widely-read texts on aviation safety and has won several awards for his academic research and publications.

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