Invera announces release of Company Specified Extensions for their Metal Service Center Software STRATIX

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Invera, the metal industry software specialist, announces the release of STRATIX/CSX, an optional product that provides customer specified extensions for their metal service center software STRATIX.

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Invera, the metal industry software specialist, announces the release of STRATIX/CSX, an optional product that provides customer specified extensions for their metal service center software STRATIX. This new function provides a flexible and powerful tool to extend the use and functionality of STRATIX by enabling each customer to create customized data, processes, and documents to meet unique business requirements.

STRATIX is specialized metal ERP software that handles all types of ferrous and non-ferrous products of all forms, including coils, sheets, structural products, wire, pipe and tubing, rebar, mesh, bars, roll formed products, panels/profiles, and building products.

A seamless integration of native metal industry terminology, functions, and features make STRATIX quick to deploy with minimum implementation costs. The STRATIX software includes sales, purchasing, receiving, inventory management, multi-step production, production scheduling, delivery and logistics planning, invoicing, and financials.

A new release of the STRATIX software is provided on an annual basis. All enhancements are built into the standard package and included in future releases of the software.

The new STRATIX/CSX function will allow a company to extend STRATIX to a company's needs, and to meet the occasional need to add additional data, processes, and/or customize business documents to meet the specific requirements of a particular metal service center. These extensions include: creation of non-STRATIX data elements, creation of non-STRATIX applications or functions, and customization of Business Documents.

Peter Doucet, Vice President of Consulting at Invera, added, “The addition of this functionality is a big step forward for some of our customers who may wish to add personalized value around the STRATIX enterprise system that can range from something as simple as the entry of additional company defined fields to calling and integrating their own applications. The possibilities for our customers to extend the use of STRATIX now becomes unlimited on what they can do with STRATIX and what can be added where they need it and when they need it.”

Company Defined Data Elements
To complement the rich STRATIX data already existing in STRATIX with new data elements specific to a company’s operation, reporting, and management requirements, STRATIX/CSX enables a company to create their own data elements and integrate them with various STRATIX applications. The data elements can be entered and viewed via customer-provided screens that are launched using the CSX Button located on the various STRATIX windows. Once the data is entered and saved, it can be viewed from other related STRATIX applications that support the CSX Button.

In addition, this data can also be combined with existing STRATIX data to create custom reports or added to certain existing STRATIX reports or documents.

Examples include the addition of fields to the Customer Profile that could later be viewed in Quote and Sales Order Entry or printed on documents. The user could also hit the CSX button in Purchase Order Entry to enter company defined fields that can later be accessed during Receiving and saved to the inventory.

An additional example related to production would be to add fields to the Production Job to allow an operator to record additional company-defined Quality Measurements, Inspection Notes, or Measurement Equipment information. This information would be saved and viewed later from the historical transaction inquiries provided in STRATIX.

Custom Applications
A company can also choose to invoke their own custom applications from within the STRATIX application. When the user is within a particular application, these applications could be automatically invoked by STRATIX or invoked by the user.

Some companies have custom metal price books that they may need to integrate with STRATIX during the Quote and Sales Order Entry function. During the item entry, the salespeople could invoke the external company-defined pricing tables that would obtain the price and return that price back to the order item in STRATIX.

Ray Vasson, Managing Director of Invera Ltd., added, 'CSX is also designed to insulate company custom applications from changes related to STRATIX upgrades. This enables companies to upgrade to new versions of STRATIX with minimal or no changes to their applications. This is quite a significant benefit, since we provide an annual release of our software, rich with new enhancements and functionality, that our customers can install with little impact on their company-defined extensions'.

STRATIX/CSX can also be used for a company to define CSX event notifications, to ensure that customer specific rules, work flows, and other applications are automatically invoked. This can include alerting a sales person after a shipment for a given order is completed or alerting a buyer after the receipt of a specific PO Item is received.

Custom Business Documents
Companies can tailor any STRATIX business document (Quote, Acknowledgement, Sales Order, Work Order, Loading List, Packing List, Bill of Lading, Invoice, Purchase Order, Receiver) to meet internal and external requirements. This enables companies to easily accommodate specific customer or vendor requirements as well as streamline documents for internal purposes.

These document changes range from eliminating fields that are not required, changing the font on fields, moving the placement of fields, adding fields currently not in the document but that exist in STRATIX, or adding fields that were created in STRATIX/CSX.

About Invera
Invera has been providing steel and metal service center enterprise software (ERP) and Internet systems for over 30 years. Their enterprise software products are used by metal service centers, steel service centers, plate processors, metal distributors, steel stockholders, metal processors, toll processors, building products distributors, and tube mills.

Their metal industry software products, including STRATIX, are used by more than 14,000 users at over 600 sites in the United States, United Kingdom, Europe, Mexico, Canada, Dubai, and the Far East.

For more information, contact Invera at (514)-925-8558 for North America, or +44 (0)7740-664007 for the UK and Europe, or visit

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