[Infographic] 5 Reasons Die Hard Keeps Earning Hard Cash published by FinancesOnline.com.

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Die Hard fans have all grown up to be professionals and sensible adults running their lives built on reason, except that their favorite action film doesn’t make sense to last this long. FinancesOnline.com published an infographic that shows why the series still lives just when the fifth Die Hard is coming.

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Like him or not, John McClane has survived the Terminator, Rambo, Neo, X-men and, now, the Hobbit.

The Die Hard series seems to have a plot people enjoy a lot. Except that it has been used for the fifth time and the film just keeps earning more bucks in every sequel. How can that happen? The world wants to know. Hollywood demands an answer in this age when sequels have the lifespan of yoghurt left at room temperature and a “5 Reasons Die Hard 5.0 Will Earn Hard Cash” infographic by FinancesOnline.com provides that answer.

Like him or not, John McClane has had influence in the action genre and is destined to belong to the museum of action greats. But this guy is not retiring any time soon with the latest Die Hard flick coming our way this February. It begs the question the world is asking: what drive us to troop to movie houses to keep hearing John mouths, “Yippe-ki-yay.” A “5 Reasons Die Hard 5.0 Will Earn Hard Cash” infographic by FinancesOnline.com tries to answer that question and provides five most qualified explanations that aim to tickle the funny bone more than enlighten the addled mind.

The infographic claims that Americans love the underdog or that at least he gets to taunt the 1%. He’s the hero who saves the New York Foreign Reserve Bank, the Nakatomi Enterprise, the U.S. State Department, the country and the whole world from terrorists. He completes the job that Home Security, FBI, CIA and the White House can’t finish. All while underpaid.

The author of the infographic also implies that most Americans want terrorists dead pointing out how people danced in the streets on hearing about Bin Laden’s death and how Americans send tanks and troops to countries that happen to have a small band of terrorists among them.

The journalists from FinancesOnline.com believe that Americans relate to John. John is clearly a loser. He lost his job, the wife and the kids’ undying loyalty. He’s much like Michael Corleone from the Godfather but without the cash and the author of the infographic suggests that a lot of Americans might tell themselves “Hey, that’s me,” when they look at John.

And finally, and according to journalists from FinancesOnline.com perhaps the secret sauce to the Die Hard main course: the undershirt. The infographic shows that Americans just enjoy seeing a spanking clean white undershirt gets soiled beyond laundry in every sequel. It probably reminds them of the nice and easy life of college days. People love his shirt so much that it now rests in a Smithsonian Institution museum that also houses Lincoln’s hat.

The infographic also contains some trivia and witty facts about the frachise.

Check the full “5 Reasons Die Hard 5.0 Will Earn Hard Cash” infographic at FinancesOnline.com to put a zing to this otherwise routine working day.

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