Yumi Media Responds to a Montana Standard Article Suggesting Vegan Diet Can Protect Against Flu Epidemic

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In response to an article published by the Montana Standard claiming a vegan diet can help prevent the flu, Yumi Media confirms a vegan diet can boost health and the immune system.

On February 12, Yumi Media reacts to an article published by the Montana Standard, which discusses how a vegan diet can help people avoid the flu epidemic.

According to the article published by the Montana Standard, the flu epidemic has been extremely severe this winter. The article said it has affected people in 48 states and killed approximately 29 children. Many medical facilities are running out of the flu vaccine and are also overflowing with flu patients. However, the article said the solution to this problem could be changing how animals are bred for food or cutting meat out of diets all together.

About 61 percent of the over 1,400 pathogens that affect humans are known to originate from animals, the article said. Some of the more recently prominent illnesses include the Asian flu, dengue fever, bird flu, HIV, SARS, West Nile and yellow fever. These pandemics caused widespread death and illness. The article said the World Health Organization predicts more pandemics to occur in the future.

However, the article said these illnesses are born from factory farms. They harbor sick animals in small spaces contaminated with feces, which is a breeding ground for viruses, the article said. These viruses can reach humans, such as farmers, and travel from host to host, mutating and “propagating.”

The article said eating more foods like fruits and vegetables, which don’t carry viruses, can help eliminate the potential to spread and breed illnesses.

Yumi Media said eating more fruits and vegetables could boost your energy, heart health and immune system. “The flu season has been terrible this year,” a spokesperson for Yumi Media said. “People think taking a pill can prevent it, but it’s better to fill your body with vitamins and antioxidants present in most fruits and vegetables. Vitamin C found in oranges can promote a healthy immune system as well as zinc found in green peas.”

For those afraid of cutting out meat all together, Yumi Media suggested trying meat substitute meals. “Products from Quorn provide a great taste with a lot of protein and essential nutrients to keep your body healthy,” Yumy Media said. “They have a wide selection of meat-like products made from natural ingredients.”

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