Confident Technologies Delivers First Enterprise-Class CAPTCHA Engineered for Mobile

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The new, mobile-optimized version of Confident CAPTCHA has been designed to deliver an improved user experience on smartphones and tablets. With its image-based, touch-friendly approach, Confident CAPTCHA provides strong security without driving away mobile visitors.

Mobile Optimized CAPTCHA

The mobile-friendly version of Confident CAPTCHA is designed to display and function optimally on smartphones and tablets.

With its touch-friendly, image-based approach, Confident CAPTCHA is the best security solution for stopping spam and malicious bots on websites without frustrating mobile users or driving away potential customers.

Confident Technologies, Inc., the leading provider of image-based authentication and verification solutions, today made available the first enterprise-class CAPTCHA security test specifically engineered for use on mobile websites. The new version of Confident CAPTCHA™ is designed for optimal presentation and functionality on smartphones and tablets. It provides an easy to use, touch-friendly approach that asks users to simply tap a few pictures on their mobile touchscreen to prove they are human and not a bot.

CAPTCHAs are security tests used on websites to distinguish between human visitors and computer bots in an effort to prevent bots from spreading spam, registering fake accounts, making fraudulent purchases, or conducting other malicious activities. They often take the form of warped and distorted words that website visitors must decipher to prove they are human. Traditional CAPTCHA security tests are often frustrating and difficult for website visitors on a PC to solve correctly, but they are nearly impossible for people who are visiting a website using their smartphone or tablet.

The new mobile version of Confident CAPTCHA is built with industry best practices for mobile design in mind. It displays an easy to see grid of images that automatically scales to fill the full display screen on any smartphone or tablet without the user needing to zoom, scroll, or switch to a keypad for typing. The Confident CAPTCHA image grid also automatically rotates to fit portrait or landscape orientation. Users can hold their mobile device in one hand and simply tap the appropriate pictures with a touch of their thumb to quickly and easily solve Confident CAPTCHA and prove they are human.

Alan Goode, Founder of the mobile security analyst firm Goode Intelligence says “CAPTCHA has its critics, both from user experience and security perspectives. Difficulty in reading CAPTCHA text can lead to a user abandoning their transaction and leaving a website. As a result, organizations are starting to look for alternative solutions or are abandoning CAPTCHA for more user-friendly technologies. This trend is amplified by the rise of mobile computing where the combination of touch screen input and smaller size make using CAPTCHA on a mobile device more troublesome.” Goode adds, “There are credible alternatives to CAPTCHA including solutions that lend themselves to mobile devices. A good example is the mobile-optimized version of Confident CAPTCHA. Confident CAPTCHA’s image-based approach is an excellent alternative to traditional text-based CAPTCHA services that is also applicable to accessing websites and web services through our mobile devices.”

Growth of Mobile Computing:

Mobile phones are poised to overtake PCs by 2014 as consumers’ primary device for accessing the Internet. Yet today, many online businesses are losing sales and other valuable customer interactions as mobile users abandon the website due to a negative experience with the CAPTCHA. Research shows:

  •     31% of adult cell phone owners today say they mainly use their mobile phone to go online, rather than a PC.
  •     20% of all Internet users in the U.S. are mobile only.
  •     Online purchases made on mobile devices are expected to total $11.6 billion this year and are forecast to reach $31 billion by 2015.
  •     If a website isn’t optimized for mobile, shoppers will go elsewhere. According to consumer surveys, if mobile shoppers have a negative experience on a site or can’t find what they’re looking for, they’ll sooner seek out a competitor’s mobile-friendly site than switch to a PC to revisit the first site.

“The typing- and text-based approaches to CAPTCHA used on most websites today are so difficult and frustrating for mobile users they are nearly unworkable,” says Bill Goldbach, Executive Vice President at Confident Technologies. “As more people access the Internet using their smartphones and tablets rather than PCs, websites and online businesses are struggling to balance security with usability. With its touch-friendly, image-based approach, Confident CAPTCHA is the best security solution for stopping spam and malicious bots on websites without frustrating mobile users or driving away potential customers.”

How to Get Confident CAPTCHA:

Confident CAPTCHA supports all major mobile operating systems and devices including Apple and Android-based smartphones. As an enterprise-level security solution, Confident CAPTCHA is a scalable, high-capacity cloud offering that supports international languages, is highly customizable, offers an audio option for accessibility, and provides the option of fail open or fail close.

Pricing for the mobile-optimized version of Confident CAPTCHA starts as low as $15.00 per month. Confident CAPTCHA plugins are available for most popular web content management systems and easy to use libraries are available for all major programming languages. The mobile version of Confident CAPTCHA supports all major mobile operating systems and devices.

Download Confident CAPTCHA today at

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Try a live demo of the mobile-optimized version of Confident CAPTCHA by visiting from your smartphone or tablet.

Watch a video comparison of traditional, text-input CAPTCHAs versus Confident CAPTCHA on a mobile device here:

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