Smart Media Technologies Introduces a New Affiliate Program, A New Way to Work Online That Looks More Like Play

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Smart Media Technologies new Affiliate program allows people to make money online without selling a product. Distributors earn by simply giving the product away even though their clients don't actually spend any money.

Smart Media Technologies does a complete 180 on the competition.

Smart Media Technologies and the Future of the Internet

Money is like manure. You have to spread it around or it smells.
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Smart Media Technologies introduces its new Affiliate program that allows distributors to make money online by simply giving their product away to others. Unlike all the other SMT products this one allows distributors to earn an income without any sales being made. Up until now Distributors made money selling SMT's products through direct sales. This new Affiliate program is the first of its kind because it allows people to earn without making any sales.

Since the very beginning companies have paid people to sell their products online which is a great opportunity for those people who are computer savvy and have sales skills. Most e-commerce sites offer a variety of different affiliate programs where affiliates are given their own special link and when people buy from it the affiliate makes money. Affiliates create websites and then drive traffic to those websites where people will see advertising from the different websites that they are affiliates for. To be successful at this type of work requires skills in sales, webmaster, SEO, etc. They must make sure that they keep updating their education at the same time if they want to maintain their income. It is not the type of thing that most people can do. For one most people are not salespeople so even if they could do everything else without that they still fail.

If selling is taken out of the equation then things get so much easier and that is exactly what SMT has done. Like Facebook, YouTube and Google, SMT makes its money from Advertisers. When users tell users about their programs they make money. However, the people doing the telling are not the ones making the money. Just imagine the kind of money that celebrities make these companies every year. One can only imagine the astronomical amount of money being made by these companies from names like Eminem, Rihanna, Shakira, Lady Gaga, Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Linkin Park, Lil Wayne, Bob Marley and Beyoncé which combined have over half a billion fans. These programs are all free but the companies make in the hundreds of billions of dollars from people like these as well as average everyday people simply saying come to this site.

Smart Media Technologies' Home Page Pays v2 allows individuals to actually profit from doing the same thing and while the names mentioned above could all easily earn in the 10's of millions of dollars a year with it, it is still an excellent opportunity for the everyday person as well since most people who are looking to make money online are not searching for that kind of income anyway. With HPP v2 the business is simple. Just sign up and pay a small fee to get a branded copy of their Dynamic Bar - a powerful PC app that has something for everyone, and then simply give it away to people. Then whenever those people are online the distributor makes money. The Dynamic bar which among other things allows people to play free games and win cash and prizes is always on so it does not matter where they go online the distributor makes money. The free users also earn for having the Dynamic bar. While they don't make cash like distributors do they earn smart points whenever they are online that they can spend in the online rewards store. They can also earn smart points for referring people to HPP. So in essence they are working for the distributor at no cost to the distributor because it is SMT that pays for the smart points not the distributor.

If a distributor were to give their Dynamic bar to 100 people, which is simple given they are simply giving it away and there are 10s of thousands of free classifieds online where they could advertise it, and those people all gave it to just 2 friends, by the time they reached Generation 5 the distributor would have 6,300 people who they are earning from. The number of generations has no limit though so it will become bigger with time. If we dropped it down to the lowest figure possible and said that each person only earned a penny a day then the distributor would earn 90 cents a month off each person which would be a total of $5,670 a month. Now obviously if people could only earn a penny a day there would really be no point for the company to pay them at all but this figure is used in the example above so that people will not see it as some kind of "hype" and to show how simple it is to do the business.

There has never been an easier way for people to earn an income online since anyone can post links on free classified sites or simply just tell people they know. Also, since people will continue to tell others about it, the income continues to grow even after the business owner stops promoting it themselves. While there are a total of 16 income streams with this company there is never a need to do any selling since the website would do that for them and no one ever needs to buy anything from them to earn from the example given above.

While other businesses pay millions in advertising to get new members this business model makes much more sense for any company whose income comes from advertising because there is no advertising cost just sharing some of your revenue with the people that make that revenue possible in the first place. Only time will tell if others follow Smart Media Technologies' lead on this as this could totally change the way people make a living in the future and help fill the empty void in the job market from businesses going online.

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