Former Car Shipping Broker Reveals Insider Secrets in New Blog

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The Car Shipping Coach tells consumers everything the industry will not tell them, and does not want them to know. The Coach's blog also tells consumers what they need to know before they ship their cars and he gives them a solid game plan to win The Car Shipping Game.

A former car shipping broker has created a unique blog that educates consumers and tells them everything they need to know before they play The Car Shipping Game. From his firsthand experience the anonymous author (Coach) knows the average consumer does not understand how the game is played. The balance of power between brokers (or carriers) and consumers is so vast he likens the game to an unfair, lopsided contest between experienced pros and naive rookies.

In order to level the playing field Coach created a website/blog, His tagline, Consumers, Read This Before You Ship Your Car.

Upon entering Coach’s website consumers (he calls them rookies) are given a brief introduction and invited to join him in the Coach’s locker room for an enlightening and entertaining training course, How To Win The Car Shipping Game. He focuses on both the rules and secrets of the little understood game. Each topic in the course is arranged in easily understood segments.

Coach teaches the rookies everything they need to know before they step onto the playing field. He explains there are many professional brokers in the business but there are also many lowlife brokers who “feast” on rookies. The problem is it’s hard for a rookie to tell the good guys from the bad guys. Coach cites one unscrupulous broker who said to him:

“Rookies are such easy prey. It’s like cooking frogs. You put the frog in the water, and then you turn on the heat. By the time the frog notices anything’s wrong, it’s already been cooked.”

Coach explains, “This blog is not just about protecting consumers from the lowlifes who feast on rookies. It’s more about educating consumers about the game. Consumers need to understand the game even when they’re playing with an upstanding professional broker or carrier.”

There are other sites and blogs that address the car shipping industry, but because the shipping companies themselves publish them, they are essentially self-serving. “Their sites only tell consumers what the companies want them to know,” Coach says. “I focus on the secrets the consumer needs to know. I tell them what the industry won’t tell them, and doesn’t want them to know. And because I’m independent the information is objective and invaluable to the consumer.”

In one section of his training session Coach uses an unorthodox instructional method, learning from Losers who made rookie mistakes. On his Losers page he shows the rookies thousands of examples of consumers who lost The Car shipping Game. The Losers page is a compilation of negative reviews from an industry website, Transport Reviews. As of February 2013 this site boasts nearly 110,000 reviews on more than 2,800 Auto Transport Companies.

Using certain key words (usually negative) Coach created the Google search string:

Keyword site:

Each key word search produces thousands of bad reviews. Coach points out, “You can learn more from the bad reviews than you can from the good ones.”

Industry sources estimate that on any given day (depending on the seasons) there are between 15,000 to 25,000 vehicles posted throughout the country (and ready for pick-up) on the industry’s proprietary website, Central Dispatch. (

“That’s a vast playing field in a big game with high stakes. One car (along with its owner) could be easily swallowed-up in such a big game. Savvy consumers should spend (invest) a few minutes and visit the blog before they ship their cars. Ten or fifteen minutes could save consumers hundreds of dollars along with days, or even weeks, of lost time.”

At the conclusion of the training session Coach gives the rookies a winning game plan and bestows “Pro” status on each participant.

EDITORS: Coach is available for interviews and will reveal his identity to members of the press. He feels it is important to maintain his anonymity to all others. Contact Coach by via or at 480-553-8393.

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