New Tips for women on using their Menstrual cycle to benefit their fitness levels

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Daryl Browne Msc, one of the elite team of Personal Trainers at The CityPoint Club in London explains how rather than shying away from exercise at the time of their period, there are many ways women can utilise their menustral cycle to improve the effectiveness of their workout routine.

Daryl Browne MSc. provides some new insight into how women are able to harness the changes their body undergoes during their menstrual cycle to benefit their exercise regime.

By understanding their menstrual cycle women can actually use it exercise more efficiently.

Aerobic exercise
According to a study published in the Australasian Science magazine, doing aerobic exercise between days 15 – 22 of the menstrual cycle will make women's bike ride or jog feel a lot easier due to rising progesterone hormones. The same hormone will also help burn up to 30% more fat at this time.

Strength workouts
For a good weights workout women should focus on the first half of their cycle, as high oestrogen levels make them stronger.

Yoga or Pilates
Women should focus on these sorts of exercise just prior to their period as this is when they are at their most flexible.. Relaxin (a hormone that softens ligaments) peaks just then. There are dangers here however as research at the Portland Hospital found that women were also at greater risk of damaging ligaments at this time.

Women should never try to start a diet just before their period. A study published last year by the International Journal of Obesity said that women tend to crave foods high in carbohydrates and sugar just before their period. The researchers suggested starting a diet after day one of a woman's period. And finally … The best time to eat chocolate? When women are premenstrual. It is suggested that increasing calorie intake by 100-200 calories will help prevent any complete disasters on the dieting front. The recommended food by the International Journal of Obesity was high quality dark chocolate!

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