Location, Location, Location: JesusSav.es and InGodWeTru.st are Among the Hot New Domain Names Now Being Offered Exclusively at WeFollowJesus.org

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According to Domain Name News, a leading industry source for information about domain sales, Christian.com and Jesus.net sold for $600,000 and $124,337, respectively. A new portfolio of exclusive Sacred Names is now being offered by http://www.WeFollowJesus.org that leverages the popularly of web addresses ending in extensions that spell out a word, such as ThankYouJes.us.

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“The ever-expanding global demand for the best web addresses and limited supply of them will perpetually force the value of Sacred Web Addresses to keep going up,” Rev. Thabiti noted.

When it comes to real estate, brokers chant, “Location. Location. Location.” That advice also rings true when choosing a web address. DailyChanges.com reported there were 89,068 new domain names listed on Feb. 11. Of that number, 1,394 ended in .us, the extension used to spell out ThankYouJes.us—one of the Sacred Names now being offered exclusively by http://www.WeFollowJesus.org.

“Today, the first web addresses purchased whenever a new extension is created are the ones that use that extension to complete the spelling of a word,” observes Rev. Thabiti, Public Relations Director at WeFollowJesus.org. “The proof is: Check around everywhere, and you’ll see; they’re all purchased or all gone.”

Rev. Thabiti acknowledges that, as Domain Name News (aka “The industry leading source for daily information about domain sales”) has reported, selecting certain names can offer an investment opportunity: For example, Christian.com and Jesus.net sold for $600,000 and $124,337, respectively; however, from a statistical standpoint, there are a finite number of dotcom (.com) extensions available.

That’s why the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) responded by creating more web address extensions called “Country Codes.” Currently there are more than 200 extensions, including .US for United States, .UK for the United Kingdom, .CA for Canada, .ES for Spain, .CH for China, .IT for Italy and .IN for India etc.

This new Internet trend has caused a buying frenzy of these so-called “Supreme Web Addresses”—that is, web-address extensions or country codes that complete the spelling of a word or phrase, thus making it difficult (if not impossible) for other extensions (.com, .org, .net, etc.) to compete, from a branding standpoint.

“In keeping up with this new trend, we have been commissioned in listing literally the best web address in the world,” says Maury Williams, Vice President at http://www.LoveTheName.com.

Among those “Supreme Web Addresses” are:





But Sacred Names are not the only ones affected by this trend; for that reason, a selection of secular domain names with word-specific extensions, such as TheBe.st and DiscountPric.es, are also available at http://www.WeFollowJesus.org

According to the Ron Jackson, chief editor of the DNJournal.com, prices for certain unique extensions can be lucrative: AntiVirus.es sold for $63,325, Movi.es sold for $10,695 and, more recently, Meet.Me sold for $450,000.

“The ever-expanding global demand for the best web addresses and limited supply of them will perpetually force the value of Sacred Web Addresses to keep going up,” Rev. Thabiti noted, adding that “the explosive success of ChristianMingle.com as well as online live streaming ministries prove that Christianity is moving fast into cyberspace.”

Recent research backs that up: The Pew Research Center’s Internet and American Life Project (http://www.pewinternet.org/Reports/2011/Social-side-of-religious/Overview.aspx) reported that nearly 80 percent of “religious active Americans” describe themselves as “active Internet users.” In addition, a separate study by the Hartford Institute for Religious Research (http://www.hartfordinstitute.org/research/technology-Internet-use.html) found that about 70 percent of the 330,000-plus churches in America have a website.

“Real estate investing still remains the champion of wealth creation, except the way real estate is defined today, now includes a new entity called ‘Cyberspace’ or the Internet,” Rev. Thabiti said. “Cyberspace and physical space have many things in common, but primarily they both require an address—or else you don’t exist, and this is why serious investors are beginning to pay attention.”

For more information, visit http://www.WeFollowJesus.org or call Rev. Thabiti at 1 (720) 987-5252.

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