Online Bed Quilt, Mattress Sales Reviewing Company, Comments On How Sleep Apnea Causes Brain Damage In Women As Reported On The News

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Following the article published by The News, which discusses a studying finding women with sleep apnea have a higher risk of brain damage, mattress sales reviewing company Online Bed Quilt highlights the importance of this study and suggests sleep apnea patients buy better sleep products.

On February 13, Online Bed Quilt, a leading mattress sales reviewing company, responds to an article published by The News with regard to a new study suggesting women with sleep apnea are more prone to brain damage.

According to the article published by The News, a recent study conducted by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) suggested that women suffering from sleep apnea could suffer a higher level of brain damage than men with the same disorder.

The study, published in the journal SLEEP, analyzed patients who were diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. Researchers compared sleep apnea patients’ white matter, or nerve fibers in the brain, to people who did not have a sleep disorder. They also focused on how difference brain damage was in men and women.

In the article, Paul Macy, the lead researcher and assistant professor at UCLA School of Nursing, said, “While there are a great many brain studies done on sleep apnea and the impact on one's health, they have typically focused on men or combined groups of men and women, but we know that obstructive sleep apnea affects women very differently than men.”

He said that women were more affected by sleep apnea and it could be detrimental to their brain health. To be more specific, the article said women were impacted in the cingulum bundle and anterior cingulate cortex parts of the brain. These are the parts of the brain essential for decision-making and mood regulation. The article said women with sleep apnea tended to show more anxiety symptoms and higher degrees of depression.

Justin Maas, a representative from mattress sales reviewing company Online Bed Quilt, said the research found here is extremely important for the treatment of women with sleep apnea. “The findings here are groundbreaking,” he said. “Now we know that sleep apnea not only affects how people sleep, but it can also cause permanent brain damage and mood change.”

Maas also said that while sleep apnea needs to be treated by professional doctors, he said patients should also look into buying a new mattress or bed products. “Mattresses can really impact how we sleep and how our body aligns itself,” he said. “If our bodies aren’t comfortable and our spines are not in a comfortable position, it could impact our breathing and disrupt our sleep.”

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