Sandra Bertsch Shares Tips for Maximizing a Budget When Planning a Wedding

Sandra Bertsch, noted event planner, shares her expertise regarding ways in which couples can minimize expenses and maximize their budget when planning their nuptials.

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San Francisco, California (PRWEB) February 18, 2013

Weddings are important life events for couples, as they signify the commitment that couples make to one another and provide an occasion for them to celebrate their love with friends and family members. But weddings are also very expensive; ABC News asserts that the average wedding costs $27,021 in a recent article that it published. Due to the financial nature of this celebration, Sandra Bertsch, noted wedding planner, encourages couples to pinpoint areas in which they can maximize their budget by minimizing their expenses.

The ABC News article encourages couples to limit the cost of their wedding by paying attention to a few key details. First, the article recommends sticking to a strict budget when purchasing an engagement ring. Turning to retailers like eBay and vintage jewelers can prove wise when trying to find a beautiful, high quality ring on a budget. Bertsch asserts that this goes for the wedding bands, too, if couples are looking for more elaborate bands that feature engraving or diamonds.

The article also recommends that couples set their priorities and stick to them during the wedding planning process. Bertsch states that the best way to do this is to make a list of all of the things that couples must have in their wedding, such as a particular venue that is special to them or a specific caterer that they love. Next, she encourages couples to make a list of details that they would like to have at their wedding but that are not of central importance. After securing the list of priorities, couples can reevaluate their budget and decide how many of their optional details they can incorporate into their big day.

"Planning a wedding on a budget is difficult," asserts Sandra Bertsch, "because couples want the day to be perfect. Grooms and the parents of the bride want the bride's experience to be flawless, so they may overextend their financial resources to purchase things that, in all honesty, play a very minor role in the wedding. I always encourage my couples to set a budget and figure out their priorities first, so that we can make sure that the most important details are integrated into the event. Then we move on to discuss less important specifics, such as linens or hairstyles of the bridal party."

Bertsch encourages couples who are planning weddings to maintain clear channels of communication as they make decisions. By doing so, she asserts that they can enjoy the planning process more thoroughly.


Sandra Bertsch is an event planner based in San Francisco, California. To plan successful celebrations for her clientele, Sandra Bertsch champions the organization of wide range of events, including bridal and baby showers, weddings, Sweet Sixteen and birthday parties, anniversary celebrations, retirement parties, graduation parties, company events, product launches, and more. Using her background in public relations, Sandra Bertsch puts a long list of skills to work to make sure that her clients enjoy the memorable, meaningful, and successful events that they deserve.


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