MedMar Healing Center Offers Summary of Ongoing Research Study Results

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MedMar Healing Center, a medical marijuana dispensary located in downtown San Jose, reports summary of ongoing research study on the effects of Cannabidiol (CBD).

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MedMar Healing Center

So far, the information that participants are reporting back to us looks amazing. Overall, they have found remarkable pain relief, which is what we are trying to provide.

MedMar Healing Center is participating in a two-month study on the effects of Cannabidiol (CBD). In the first summary of the study results, patients who suffer from a range of pain-causing ailments reported a dramatic decrease in pain. The patients have been recommended “Veda Chews,” which consist of 30 mg of CBD, 30 mg of THC, and 30 mg of THC-A.

“We are interested in finding out the effectiveness of the Veda Chews so that we are better able to help our patients,” explains Douglas Chloupek, of the MedMar Healing Center. “So far, the information that participants are reporting back to us looks amazing. Overall, they have found remarkable pain relief, which is what we are trying to provide.”

The two-month study being conducted is free. Its goal is to determine the effect that cannabidiol, found in cannibis, has on those with specific chronic diseases. Those participting in the study suffer from a range of ailments, including debilitating pain, HIV, seizures, kidney disease, epilepsy, and muscular sclerosis.

Six patients are currently taking part in the CBD pain study group. Each of them have been recommended the Veda Chews, based on what they suffer from and what their symptoms are. Each of them self-reported that they experienced some level of pain relief following the treatment. Here is a summary of what each study participant has reported so far:

  • Patient 1 – Suffers from kidney disease and HIV, and has reported having lower pain levels and a decrease in insomnia, 2 hours after administration. This has been consistent over a two-week period.
  • Patient 2 – Suffering from chronic pain due to spinal nerve damage following a near-fatal auto accident, fell during the treatment period and ended up having higher pain levels following that fall. This patient did not notice any dramatic difference in pain levels, due to the fall during treatment.
  • Patient 3 – Suffers from pain due to multiple sclerosis, severe arthritis, and spinal surgery for disc pain. Patient reported that nausau was almost gone after using the chews, that spasms decreased, and that joint pain was reduced 70-80 percent.
  • Patient 4 – Suffering from pain due to immune rejection of surgical rod from knee replacement surgery. Patient still has present infection and open wound, as well as pain caused by bone friction. Patient reported a 60-80 percent reduction in pain within the first 12 hours of ingesting the chew.
  • Patient 5 – Suffers from pain due to being severely epileptic and having constant facial tremors. Experiences up to four seizures per week and has constant pain from spasms. Patient reported that seizures went down to one per week, spasms reduced to non-traceable levels, and that incidents were less intense and shorter in duration.
  • Patient 6 – Suffers from pain due to multiple sclerosis, and is also diabetic and has high blood pressure. Daily pain is reported being down 4-6 points following chews and smoking.

“This study, and the feedback each participant is reporting back to us, is essential in helping to determine the benefits that CBD provides in helping with pain relief,” added Chloupek. “Our mission is to help reduce the pain that people with these ailments suffer from, and we want to do so with the best options available. Thus far, the Veda Chew is showing promising results for these patients.”

Cannabidiol has been demonstrated through other studies to help relieve such symptoms as inflammation and anxiety, to slow cancer-cell growth rates, to reduce symptoms of nausea, and more. It is a chemical compound that makes up roughly to 20 percent of the extracts from cannabis. Participants in the MedMar Healing Center research study receive a specific amount of CBD that is taken 1-3 times per day. They are responsible for accurately documenting any changes, such as how they feel, three hours after taking each dose.

This is one of several independent studies on CBD that are taking place around the country, but MedMar is the only one focusing on using the “Veda Chews,” which consist of 30 mg of CBD, 30 mg of THC, and 30 mg of THC-A. The chews offer a high dosage of CBD with a low dosage of THC, which is the opposite of what is most typically seen on the medical marijuana market.

MedMar Healing Center is located in downtown San Jose at 170 S. Autumn St., provides a full range of medical marijuana products for Prop 215 patients. Those interested in participating in future studies like the current one can send an email to press(at)sjmedmar.(dot)com. For more information about MedMar Healing Center, visit, or call (408) 385-9600.

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Located in downtown San Jose, MedMar Healing Center dispenses high-quality medical marijuana to Prop 215 patients. Their menu of medical marijuana products includes flowers, concentrates, edibles and tinctures. Their mission is to provide medical marijuana in a local, affordable and safe environment. For more information, visit their Website at

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