Jujuba Software Introduces Speed Test Pro Modern UI App for Windows 8

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Monitoring PC performance is just as important as maintaining an automobile. Jujuba Software recently released an app that is designed to easily measure the speed of the PC’s main components.

When a PC is first purchased, it runs at optimum speed and performance. Over time and through normal use the performance gradually diminishes. This is primarily due to lack of monitoring and proper maintenance which keeps a device in tip top shape. Having a tool which acts as a versatile benchmark for measuring the speed of main PC components is beneficial to keeping a device running at the maximum level.

The developers at Jujuba Software recently released the Windows 8 Speed Test Pro Modern UI app which helps PC owners stay on top of the latest developments in the performance of PC components. This application measures the speed of the PC’s main components, including system storage, memory, central processing unit (CPU), and the graphics processing unit (GPU).

Speed Test Pro is easy to begin using. It offers a simple interface that provides a straightforward view of the test results for each component, including the speed measurements. The status of the system storage, memory (RAM), CPU, and GPU can all be viewed from a benchmark window that displays each measurement from one location, including the date and time of the test results.

Jujuba Software’s Windows 8 Speed Test Pro Modern UI app provides measurement versatility when it comes to computing PC performance. The Disk Test function provides two different test mode options which include read and write to ensure accurate test results. The test modes for the central processing unit (CPU) provide three different types of tests which include single-threaded, multi-threaded, and threads.
Testing the Random Access Memory in a device is a very important part of PC performance in terms of speed. The Random Access Memory is a temporary short term memory that is used to store data which the computer is currently using. This prevents the CPU from having to constantly revert back to the hard drive to retrieve the data and thus keeps the computer running at a fast speed.

If the RAM is not performing up to par, it will take a long time for the computer to respond to tasks. Windows 8 Speed Test Pro will monitor and measure the RAM and then display the results in the benchmark interface of the app. Along with the RAM, Speed Test Pro will also measure the performance of the graphics processing unit (GPU).
Speed Test Pro is particularly useful on ARM-based Windows RT devices that lack benchmarking utilities. All Jujuba Software Modern UI apps for Windows 8 are offered with easy access to expert technical support.

Now it is possible to easily stay updated on the status of the PC’s main components with an all-inclusive unpaid app.

About Jujuba Software
Jujuba Software is a small software company located in Redmond, WA. The company consists of two experienced software developers with strong entrepreneurial mindset working to find ways to simplify daily tasks for mobile users through the release of innovative Modern UI apps for Windows 8.

Jujuba Software is dedicated to providing top quality software solutions. The development team is constantly working on developing new product lines and improving existing ones. People on the development team have been creating software for decades and pride themselves in creating products that push the boundaries of efficiency and reliability.
Check out the expanding line of software products at Jujuba Software or contact by writing an email to info(at)jujubasoftware(dot)com.

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