Estelle’s Dressy Dresses, a Premier Destination for Long Island Prom Dresses, Comments on New Grammy Awards Dress Code

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Following an article published on E! Online, which discussed the recent Grammy Awards show and the new dress code, Estelle’s Dressy Dresses, a leading destination for Long Island prom dresses, issues a response on the strict rules and condones the modest exposure of some skin.

On February 14, Estelle Schlossberg, owner of Estelle’s Dressy Dresses, responds to an article published by the E! Online discussing the new dress code implemented at this year’s Grammy Award Show.

According to the E! Online article, the Grammy Foundation sent out memo guiding award show attendees that a strict dress code would be expected and enforced. The memo said that the foundation wanted the show to remain classy and traditional by decreasing the chance for wardrobe malfunctions.

Estelle Schlossberg said wardrobe malfunctions occur whether the dress is extremely revealing or not. “Everyone has wardrobe malfunctions,” she said. “That’s just part of an award show. Everyone’s sucking it in and wearing such delicate dresses. If something’s going to happen, it will happen no matter if the dress has a giant slit in or not.”

The article said the Grammy Foundation sent out the memo to tell attendees to tone it down. It banned the exposure of the curvature of the breasts in any form. In addition, the article said that the memo required women to properly cover their backside and they could not wear any sort of thong-like clothing.

However, the article stated that the memo’s warning of “puffy skin” confused many stars and celebrities like Katy Perry, Kelly Rowland and Jennifer Lopez really pushed the envelope. Katy Perry wore a long sleeve, floor length mint dress with a giant keyhole opening, which showed a large amount of cleavage.

“I think Katy Perry looked gorgeous,” Schlossberg said. “She showed cleavage and it didn’t look trashy. She stayed true to herself. I think in the past there have been many other dresses that severely violated this dress code. Those were hardly even dresses. This shouldn’t be considered a violation. She was covered enough to avoid a wardrobe malfunction and she looked great.”

Kelly Rowland also wore what the Grammy Foundation could consider a dress code violation, the article said. She wore a black mermaid- style dress with sheer zigzag cutouts.

“Rowland’s dress was a bit more revealing I think,” Schlossberg said. “While almost everything was covered, there was definitely room for a malfunction and you could see where the violation occurred. The sheer lines revealed a lot in the upper portion of her body.”

Schlossberg said some of the alleged violations were unnecessary and the rules were too strict. “Sometimes there is a need for a dress code, especially when it comes to stars bearing it all, like Lady Gaga,” she said. “But I didn’t really see many women in a full violation. They all looked classy and beautiful. Revealing a little skin isn’t bad and that’s the style with most dresses today. Most of the popular Long Island prom dresses have modest necklines that show some respectable cleavage or intricate backs, which can be sexy, but not inappropriate. It all depends how you wear it and how you act in it.”

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