Muscular Development Store Responds to Fitness Trainer’s Whey Protein Recommendations

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Muscular Development Store responds to a recent article on a workout expert’s recommendations on using whey protein after a fitness routine.

On February 18, 2013, Muscular Development Supplement Store responds to a recent article in Men’s Fitness on a workout expert’s advice on taking whey protein, and other protein supplements, after a fitness routine.

“Proteins are made of amino acids, small building blocks necessary for synthesizing muscle,” the Men’s Fitness article stated. However, taking more protein doesn’t produce the best results because the body metabolizes a finite amount of protein daily, equating to “just under 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight per day.” According to nutrition specialist Nate Miyaki in the article, “For the average dude going about it naturally, there is only so much protein the body can use for tissue construction.”

In the article, Miyaki stressed the importance of timing when taking protein. Lifters have an “anabolic window,” a 45-minute to an hour span after a workout when they should eat and replenish on carbs for more energy and aids muscle recuperation and growth.
Nevertheless, in the article Miyaki added that a person’s overall diet is crucial for building muscle. “To make the most of your training, consume a meal, either whole-food or liquid form, within an hour after your workout containing both fast-digesting carbs and protein,” the article stated. “This will prevent your body from using its own muscle tissue for energy and help encourage muscle synthesis.”

“You should also know what kind of protein you want to take,” says Brian Turner, a Muscular Development Supplement Store representative. “While casein protein gives your body a long-lasting protein boost, whey protein has more of a focus on muscle growth immediately after resistance training.”

A good fitness regimen must be augmented with proper nutrition. At the Muscular Development Store, we offer products to enhance your workout and maximize the fitness benefits of your routine. We negotiate the lowest possible prices from manufacturers, and are proud to offer bestselling, brand-name sports nutrition products well below the suggested retail price.


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