Muscular Development Store Recommends The Use Of Creatine To Boost Exercise Results

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Following an article published by Live Mint, which gives tips on how to naturally enhance your fitness results, Muscular Development Store promotes the use of Creatine to build muscle.

On February 20, 2013, fitness supplement retailer, Muscular Development Store, comments on an article published on Live Mint, which gives tips on how to bulk up naturally and enhance your workout.

According to the article published on Live Mint, active people or athletes could benefit from taking natural workout supplements, especially if their usual diet isn’t providing necessary nutrients. A lot of people don’t get the necessary amount of protein, the article said.

In the article, writer Sumaya Dalmia said, “An average individual requires 0.8-1 gram of protein per kilogram of body weight. And if you’re exercising, it could go up to 1.4 gram per kilogram of body weight. Adequate nutrition makes training sessions efficient, reduces muscle soreness and speeds up recovery between training sessions. Inadequate nutrition, particularly lack of adequate proteins, is one of the biggest reasons for injuries and muscle soreness.”

However, the article also said that a lot of people are apprehensive about taking supplements because they are mistaken for steroids, which are unhealthy and illegal in professional sports.

Brian Turner, a spokesperson for the Muscular Development Store, said workout supplements have a bad reputation, but only because people don’t know about natural enhancers, like creatine. “Creatine is a natural protein and the subject of a lot of research among sports enthusiasts,” he said. “It’s a component of natural acid found in muscle tissue and helps to give energy to cells. It’s also in a lot of the meat or fish we eat. It can really boost your performance and give you bursts of energy.”

Turner said creatine is a natural substance and is not considered a steroid. Therefore, professional athletes are allowed to adopt a creatine regimen. “If you’re a professional athlete with an intense training program, creatine is a great way to build muscle fast,” he said. “It also makes a great protein shake base.”

The article also listed a few other substances like whey protein, glutamine and casein protein, which all can be used to repair and increase muscle mass.

A good fitness regimen must be augmented with proper nutrition. At the Muscular Development Store, we offer products to enhance your workout and maximize the fitness benefits of your routine. We negotiate the lowest possible prices from manufacturers, and are proud to offer bestselling, brand-name sports nutrition products well below the suggested retail price.


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