Bellucci Premium Responds to Findings That Olive Oil Can Reduce Cardiovascular Risk

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Following the publication of a new study about olive oil consumption and its effect on the body's ability to process cholesterol, Bellucci Premium offers a response.

On February 15, 2013, Bellucci Premium, manufacturers of extra virgin olive oil, responds to a recent study examining the potential effects of olive oil consumption on cardiovascular functioning.

According to a recent article in the Olive Oil Times, “[a] new Spanish study published in the Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry shows that olive oil consumption may change the way genes function, reducing cardiovascular risk.”

Prior research has established that the fatty oleic acid and polyphenols found in olive oil are potentially able to help raise levels of “good” cholesterol (high-density cholesterol, or HDL). This is because the compounds transport cholesterol away from the arteries, according to the article.

The article describes the goal of the study, which was to find out “if olive oil polyphenols could affect the response of genes in relation to HDL, more specifically in relation to cholesterol efflux.” Cholesterol efflux is the process by which cholesterol is removed from the walls of the arteries; the cholesterol efflux capacity is the measure of how efficiently the body's HDL accomplishes this flushing. The study’s findings were significant for those at risk of heart disease, since, according to the article, “it appears that elevated efflux capacity can reduce the risk of coronary artery disease.”

The study carried out a trial on two groups of participants. The first group was given two tablespoons of an olive oil with a high polyphenol content; the second group’s olive oil had only a moderate amount of polyphenol. Researchers analyzed the effect of the oil consumption on the participants’ efflux capacity, finding that for those taking the polyphenol-rich oil, there was a statistically significant increase in the response “of certain genes involved in cholesterol efflux from HDL. In other words, the consumption of polyphenol rich olive oil may have a positive effect on the genes involved in reducing circulating cholesterol and thus reducing cardiovascular risk.”

Natalie Sexenian, Marketing Manager for Tuscany’s Bellucci Premium olive oil, responds to the findings. “We’re thrilled that more and more people are finding out about the health benefits of olive oil. Extra virgin olive oil bolsters the immune system, but also helps guard against severe health problems like high blood pressure, diabetes and possibly even breast cancer. Since cardiovascular diseases are the leading causes of death and disability worldwide, the significance of these findings cannot be overestimated. It’s important that the research community continue probing the many benefits of consuming olive oil.” Sexenian adds that the recommended heart-healthy dose needed to enjoy the benefits of olive oil is at least two tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil daily.

Bellucci Premium Toscano extra virgin olive oil uses olives that are grown on the beautiful landscapes of Tuscany, and maintained by 3rd and 4th generation farmers. Bellucci offers three different types of oil, including an organic option, that offers a mild peppery flavor and fruity undertones that will satisfy any palate. The third type of oil Bellucci offers is the world’s finest Italian extra virgin olive oil, grown only by Italian growers in many different regions of Italy.

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