Olive Oil Company Bellucci Premium Responds to Article Affirming Olive Oil Relieves Intestinal Ischemia

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Following an article published by Science Daily detailing how olive oil can help alleviate a chronic intestinal condition, olive oil company Bellucci Premium affirms the health benefits of its product.

On February 18, Natalie Sexenian, marketing manager for Bellucci Premium, responds to an article posted by Science Daily which discusses how a component in olive oil is able to decrease effects of intestinal ischemia.

According to the Science Daily article, a new report published in the Journal of Leukocyte Biology discovered that a compound found in olive oil could partially heal intestinal ischemia, a condition that restricts blood supply to the digestive system. When the blood returns, it causes something called reperfusion, which damages tissues.

The article said oleuropein aglycone is a common polyphenol compound found in olive oil. It could be used as a therapy or treatment for people suffering from intestinal ischemia or other inflammatory diseases, the article states.

Salvatore Cuzzocrea, Ph.D., senior researcher from the Department of Biology and Environmental Sciences at the University of Messina in Italy, said, “The phenolic compounds of olive oil can reduce the secondary injury associated with intestinal damage. Oleuropein aglycone may be useful in the therapy of inflammation-associated disease.”

Sexenian, the marketing manager for extra virgin olive oil company Bellucci Premium, said this is an important discovery. “This is a medical breakthrough and it just goes to show that olive oil has more health benefits than people think,” she said. “Olive oil can be used for cooking, hair therapy, skin hydration and it’s a known heart disease fighter. It’s a natural product that can benefit all parts of your body and health.”

Researchers tested the oleuropein aglycone on mice first, the article said. They compared mice with untreated intestinal ischemia with mice suffering from the same condition, but given oleuropein aglycone. The results showed that the mice that ingested the olive oil component had reduced digestive organ injury and reduction of inflammatory levels.

Sexenian said olive oils healing properties are well known, but more research needs to be done on other areas in the body. “If olive oil can partially heal inflammatory intestinal conditions and help prevent heart disease, it can probably work in other parts of the body,” she said. “Scientists need to continue doing research to find more useful olive oil treatments.”

Bellucci Premium is an extra virgin olive oil company that has a facility and mills in Tuscany, Italy. Bellucci has three different products including Toscano, certified from the hills of Tuscany, 100% Italian, coming from all regions of Italy, and also Certified Organic which is a blend of olives from Italy, Spain, and Portugal.

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