Jujuba Software Releases Ping Modern UI App for Windows 8 to Improve TCP/IP Connectivity

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TCP/IP connection quality between the PC and the servers is essential to productivity. Jujuba Software recently released a new Modern UI app that will test an Internet connection regardless if it is to a Local Area Network (LAN) or the Internet.

A solid TCP/IP connection guarantees productivity and efficiency when connecting to the Internet. If a connection is weak, it can prove to be frustrating when trying to accomplish essential tasks in the workplace or daily life. Testing a TCP/IP connection provides a way to debug any connectivity issues that can occur during a TCP session.

The Windows 8 Ping app provides a way to test the integrity of a TCP/IP connection to help detect any problems with TCP traffic. TCP/IP stands for Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol and is a basic communication language used for both private networks and the Internet. The Transmission Protocol monitors the assembly of a file into smaller information packets and the Internet Protocol handles the address part of each packet to ensure it is transmitted to the proper destination.

Periodically, the process of TCP/IP can develop bugs and errors during transmission which compromises the strength of a network connection. The Ping Modern UI app uses a different process to test a TCP/IP which is different from using Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMP).

ICMP responds by sending error messages that inform the end user when a connection cannot be established. ICMP connections are commonly blocked by firewall applications. Windows 8 Ping circumvents this issue by establishing an actual TCP/IP connection. When the connection is established, the app measures the percentage of packet loss and the amount of round-trip time. The measurement is accurate down to 0.01 milliseconds.

When the measurement is complete, the results can be viewed on the Ping interface which displays the connection to search engines as well as individual websites on the Internet. The measurements include the percentage of connection success in addition to the minimum, average, and maximum TCP packet measurements in milliseconds. The measurements are displayed in numeric form and in a graph illustration to allow users to determine where to pinpoint specific connectivity problems.

Windows 8 Ping is an unpaid app which provides a way to troubleshoot faulty Internet connections. All Jujuba Software Modern UI apps for Windows 8 are offered with easy access to expert technical support.

A Modern UI app for Windows 8 that helps alleviate frustrating Internet connections: working online has just become easier.

About Jujuba Software

Jujuba Software is a small software company located in Redmond, WA. The company consists of two experienced software developers with strong entrepreneurial mindset working to find ways to simplify daily tasks for mobile users through the release of innovative Modern UI apps for Windows 8.

Jujuba Software is dedicated to providing top quality software solutions. The development team is constantly working on developing new product lines and improving existing ones. People on the development team have been creating software for decades and pride themselves in creating products that push the boundaries of efficiency and reliability.

Check out the expanding line of software products at Jujuba Software or contact by writing an email to info(at)jujubasoftware(dot)com.

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