Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC Now Uses Ground Penetrating Radar In New York As A Preventative Tool

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Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC now uses ground penetrating radar in New York as a preventative tool to detect any uneasy ground in major roadways and more.

With the use of ground penetrating radar, it can help prevent any surfaces that are traveled on daily from collapsing before any damages occur, or people get injured. Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC now uses ground penetrating radar in New York as a preventative tool to detect any uneasy ground in major roadways, highways, bridges, runways, etc. It is also being widely considered for various subsurface projects.

Ground penetrating radar is important, especially for areas with nearby waterways or streams. For example, an airport runway collapsed after a Boeing 737 fell through the concrete because of a void. The airplane had suffered astronomical damages, which resulted in a very costly repair of over a million dollars. With underground locating in New York now available from Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC, it can be a great preventative measure when objects weigh over a ton, especially if there are any previous storm drains that may run underneath the surface. Needless to say, there will be further ground penetrating radar tests done on airport runways to see if there are any other voids, or what is causing these collapses to occur. Researching this information will help prevent any further damages in the future.

Detecting any unstable surfaces through geophysical surveys in New York has been able to provide contractors with advanced, innovative equipment, which does not involve demolition in order to find out if there are any problems. Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC realizes that technology has been able to provide many solutions to many challenges that contractors have faced in previous years. It has been able to save time, money, and destruction in cases where ground penetrating radar would have helped. With that being said, Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC will be prevent any mishaps like that of the Boeing collapsing into the airport runway with these technological advancements in today’s world.

About the Company:

Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC features state-of-the-art equipment used for subsurface imaging and geophysical surveying. They use technology such as ground penetrating radar, bridge deck analysis, concrete scanning, utility locating and mapping, giving precise locations of subsurface materials. Concrete Scanning is used to find obstacles buried inside concrete structures. Utility Location is used to locate obstacles and utilities buried underground or under man-made structures such as slabs, roads, runways, and buildings. Bridge Deck Analysis is used to determine the condition of aging bridge decks for repair work as well as to verify new construction. Headquartered in Mount Holly, Atlantic Subsurface Imaging, LLC serves New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Delaware.

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