RobotBoxing.US Invites Entertainment, Technology, Sports, and Wealth Management Professionals to Organize Team Bids for Robot Boxing Entertainment

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Ever have a client who wanted to own his own sports team, racecar, racehorse—or globe-trotting boxing robot—to mix it up in the next generation of global sports entertainment?

Successful organizers qualify for a five percent finder's bonus on the value of the accepted bids.

RobotBoxing.US invites individuals and companies, who love technology and entertainment, to file as organizers of bids for character slots in a boxing entertainment league featuring seven-foot tall boxing robots.

Sport agents, wealth managers, luxury realtors, and network-savvy individuals are highly qualified to organize robotboxing bids; successful organizers qualify for a five percent finder’s bonus on the value of accepted bids.

To become an official team organizer with robotboxing.US, download the organizer’s contract at robotboxing.US for immediate action. Only 100 active organizers will be accepted to fill the thirty character slots in the league.

RobotBoxing.US proprietor Lorenz Kraus, MBA Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, has a vision of advancing technology in a competitive arena, while producing revenue opportunities from merchandising, television viewing, ticket sales, and sponsorships.

Special design awards will recognize successful human mimicry, realism, and audience engagement. Smoothness of motion at a human pace will be a primary objective. Teams can develop their own boxers, use open source, university, or enterprise solutions that met specifications, or use a customizable prototype in the works to create their own unique characters.

The advantages of robot boxing entertainment are obvious.

  •     Humans get injured; robots don’t.
  •     Robots can’t run away from challengers.
  •     Robots do not need rest or junk food; they will never miss a weigh-in.
  •      Robots are less prone to celebrity-breakdown.
  •     Robots can engage numerous bouts per year.
  •     A robot does not retire, like a racehorse or a pope.
  •     Robots will not squander their earnings; owners will pocket those for safe-keeping.

Importantly, robots can produce a regular entertainment product flow, so the business will be able to establish a regular income stream.

Robot boxing will have the action and excitement of boxing or horse racing, without the occasional unappealing human, moral, or animal damage.

Robot boxing can be family-friendly entertainment, where violence is left to machines, not men.

Additional advantages include:

  •     There are no cultural barriers to robots.
  •     Their language can be tailored to suit.
  •     With artificial intelligence and artificial etiquette, robot entertainers can tease politicians without insulting their audiences.
  •     Like a certain famous mouse, the same character boxer can simultaneously work distant major cities to engage a global audience, maximizing its value.
  •     The character can reinvent itself to stay fresh as a pop star.
  •      A robot can remember its lines.

Technology and toy companies will find opportunities to showcase their brand participation before a desirable target audience. Unlike other sports, robots can reach a global youth and technology audience eager for movies, toys, and personal technology products.

Team organizers can sign up at http://robotboxing.US

Robotboxing.US has a flexible profit-sharing scheme attractive to anyone who has ever thought of owning a competitive team.

To reserve your right to purchase a team, one starts as a team organizer.

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