Quorn Foods, Producer of Easy Vegetarian Meals, Comments on Report Finding that Vegetarians have a Lower Risk for Heart Disease

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Quorn Foods issues a statement in response to an article published on the itv website which reports that vegetarians are at lower risk for heart disease.

On February 15, 2013, Quorn Foods issues a statement in response to an article published on itv.com that showcases a report’s finding that vegetarians have a decreased risk of heart disease.

According to the article published on itv.com, a recent study asserts that vegetarians have a third less chance of a death or hospital admission related to heart disease. Vegetarian participants in the study were disclosed to be mostly women. Despite the gender imbalance in the study, once the results were filtered through an adjustment, findings remained consistent.

The article attributes the reduction in heart disease between vegetarians and non-vegetarians to be related to difference in constitution between meat and vegetarian foods. Vegetables are noted as having relatively low levels of harmful cholesterol and saturated fats. As a result vegetarians have a tendency to avoid meat related blood pressure issues, have a lower body mass index, and develop a resistance to diabetes.

A quote from Tracy Parker of the British Heart Foundation advocates the benefits of a vegetarian diet but warns that switching to a meatless diet needs to be done so that the vital vitamins and minerals are not lost.

Quorn representative, David Wilson, responds to the report’s findings by offering insight on transitioning from a meat to meatless diet. “With a finding supporting the reduction of heart disease by a third, more health conscience people may want to consider adopting meatless diets. I do want to emphasize the necessity to replace the nutrients lost by halting the consumption of meat. Fortunately, easy vegetarian meals can be prepared or found prepared for those looking to ease the dietary transition.”

Quorn Foods launched nationally in the US in 2002. Unlike other vegetarian food companies, Quorn foods use mycoprotein: a naturally occurring, healthy form of protein that replicates the taste and texture of meat while being significantly lower in saturated fats and calories. Quorn Foods offer a wide range of products including ready to serve meals, food for your barbecue, breaded meat substitutes, snacks and components to make your own meals from scratch. The wonderful taste of Quorn meatless meals provides the taste of the foods you love without sacrificing nutrition.

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