Mattress Delivery Company, Online Bed Quilt Reacts To Teenage Sleep Texting

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In response to an article published by United Press International revealing how teens are texting at night, disrupting sleep patterns, mattress delivery company Online Bed Quilt confirms the negative impacts electronics could have on sleep quality.

On February 15, leading mattress delivery company, Online Bed Quilt, reacts to an article published by United Press International (UPI), which reports that teens are texting while they sleep.

According to the UPI article, parents are concerned that their teenagers are texting while they sleep. UPI reports that some teens and adults are extremely connected with their cell phones that they are unaware that they answer text messages during sleep – an act referred to as “sleep texting.”

Villanova University nursing professor Elizabeth Dowdell found during her research involving Internet safety that parents voiced concerns for teens that are texting while sleeping, often without any recollection of doing so.

"The cell phone buzzes and the teen picks it up as a reflex -- and in a transitional sleep state not quite asleep but not quite awake -- answers in a text and hits send and it isn't until the next day they someone will tell them about the text," Dowdell said in the article.
In the article, Dowdell said most of the time messages are gibberish, making little to no sense. However, the main concern that parents have is that teens are not getting enough sleep if they are constantly waking up to text back.

“It can be silly and embarrassing, but it can turn into bullying, too," Dowdell said in the article. "But outside of the Internet issues, answering the phone during the night can result in fractured sleep which doesn't lead to the restorative sleep everyone needs.”

Representative Justin Maas, from mattress delivery company Online Bed Quilt, said, teens require the most amount of sleep because of the changing hormones and rapid body development. “Teens need a lot more sleep than fully developed adults,” he said. “This generation’s obsession and attachment to technology is one of the causes of sleep deprivation. Teens feel the need to answer every text as soon as they hear a beep, resulting in their lack of sleep. The more you wake up, the harder it is to fall back asleep and let your body renew itself.”

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