NewVo Beauty Recommends Keratin Complex in Conjunction with a Hair-Healthy Diet

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A representative from NewVo Beauty recommends foods that promote hair health, suggesting that supplementing a balanced diet with keratin treatments will make for lasting, healthy hair.

On February 15, 2013, NewVo Beauty responds to an article describing foods to improve the health of your hair, recommending, in addition to a hair-healthy diet, a supplementary keratin complex regimen to accelerate your hair’s healing.

A recent article in Hive Health Media describes foods that can help repair unhealthy or damaged hair. Damaged or lackluster hair can be caused by various dietary insufficiencies. The article surveys several of these, including zinc and B vitamins.

Hair loss is common among both males and females, according to the article, but if you’re experiencing a particularly sudden loss of hair, the likely culprit is zinc - or a lack thereof. Zinc is found naturally in hair, but if your vital organs aren’t getting an adequate supply nutritionally, the body will leech zinc from your hair follicles, stunting its growth or causing it to fall out altogether. “While you can take zinc in a supplement form, the human body is designed to draw nutrients primarily from food,” says the article. “Foods high in zinc are oysters, poultry, beef, pumpkin seeds, and dark chocolate.” Zinc is also a good immune system booster, according to the article.

The article also highlights various B vitamins as playing a major role in keeping hair healthy and vigorous. In particular, Biotin (also known as vitamin B7) is important for various metabolic functions – particularly cell growth. A common side-effect of a dietary biotin lack is loss of hair. The article suggests beefing up your biotin consumption with liver, eggs and dark leafy greens like kale or Swiss chard or almonds.

Sara Greenstone, a representative from NewVo Beauty, concurs with the article’s advice, adding that protein is typically the number one culprit for hair problems. “Hair itself is actually composed of a special protein called keratin,” says Greenstone, “so insufficient dietary protein can have serious consequences for your hair’s health.” These include split ends, breakage, dryness, brittleness and even loss of hair. “If you’ve been struggling with any of these symptoms, the first step is to check your protein intake.”

Another even more common problem is loss of hair pigment, according to Greenstone. If you notice your hair color looking less rich, with a ‘bleached-out’ look, this is another sign that you’re probably not getting enough protein. “Correcting the dietary protein problem is absolutely necessary for a long-term fix, but in the short-term you can get great results from a hair treatment rich in keratin,” continues Greenstone. “For damaged or thinning hair, the restorative benefits of a keratin complex product are an important adjunct to good nutrition.” The article recommends various foods to incorporate into a protein-rich diet, including meat, eggs, legumes, nuts and dairy.

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