Online Bed Quilt, Retailer of Mattresses, Comments on Adult Sleep Training

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Medical Xpress outlines how to train your body to fall asleep faster. Online Bed Quilt issues a statement in support of sleep training and advises people suffering from sleep deprivation to purchase mattresses that accommodate their needs.

On February 18, leading mattress company Online Bed Quilt comments on Medical Xpress’ report on sleep deprivation remedies and how to help get a good night’s sleep.

According to Medical Xpress, the Sleep Council’s Good-Night Guide could help people who only sleep a few hours per night. The guide outlines a schedule to help those people fall asleep faster and wake up less than usual. According to Medical Xpress the guide suggests that people only getting five hours of sleep per night, but spending about seven hours lying in bed, could actually benefit from purposely restricting the time they spend in bed to five hours per night.

Medical Xpress reports that research indicates sleeping on old mattresses or uncomfortable beds could also impair your sleep. People often don’t realize how old their mattresses are, reports Medical Xpress, and The Sleep Council recommended replacing a mattress after seven years.

Representative Justin Maas from mattress review company Online Bed Quilt said he agreed with the Sleep Council. “Your mattress is the main factor in determining how well you sleep,” he said. “If your mattress is old and it’s not giving your body the support it needs, it could hinder your ability to sleep. Not everyone realizes mattresses need to be replaced and they keep them for more than 10 years. While a quality mattress can be expensive, you’re doing your body a great disservice by sleeping on an old one.”

Maas adds that your body participates in cell regeneration during sleep and if you aren’t getting the necessary amount, it could cause serious health problems. “Cell renewal helps your body store energy and repair itself from the pressure built up during the day,” he said. “It’s essential to sleep if you wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle and live longer. I recommend looking into purchasing new bed products including mattresses.”

Online Bed Quilt is here to make sure you get a great night’s sleep. We are a family-owned bedding and furniture review company dedicated to helping you find the best mattress and sleep accessories. We collect and share product information, reviews, and the best and latest available sleep solutions. Learn about top brand mattresses, specialty products, and sleep accessories straight from Online Bed Quilt!

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