Bible Study Greatly Enhanced with Scourby Audio Bible APP

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Litchfield Associates announce that users report that Bible Study is greatly enhanced when using the Scourby Audio Bible APP with Android and Apple phone and tablet devices.

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The Newest Way to Access the Oldest Book

Bible Study is carried out by millions of users every day and the majority of them turn to the King James Bible as their Bible of choice for that Bible study. Many years ago Alexander Scourby was the first to narrate the King James Bible in the 1950’s and that was done on long play records.

They say that the King James Bible was written to be spoken and no one speaks it better than Alexander Scourby. Although since 1950 many others have narrated the Bible, Alexander Scourby is known as the "Voice of the Bible" and is recognized as the very best narrator of the Bible in the World. In fact, the Chicago Tribune reported that Alexander Scourby has the greatest voice ever recorded and is the Worlds best audio book narrator bar none.

Since that time the Alexander Scourby narration of the King James Bible, which is known as the Audio Bible, has been put on cassette tapes, CD’s, Mp3’s, DVD’s and flash drives. All of those formats improved users access to the King James Bible and enhanced their Bible Study.

Why and how is this possible? Simply because users could listen to the Audio Bible and follow along in the written Bible and they get the benefit of what is called a bi-modal presentation where both the visual and audio senses in the brain are working together to convey the data being taken in by the brain. Studies have shown that the brain processes the written word and spoken word differently and when both audio and visual are used then the brain is using both modes. You can read the full report on the benefits of bi- modal presentation by clicking on the link

The dual input of information is like a turbo charge for the brain in terms of both processing and remembering what information the brain is porcessing. Litchfield Associates has taken that process to a whole new level with The Scourby Audio Bible app. First with the Bible app, users have the entire King James Bible at their fingertips in one device with the audio and text perfectly synced together. Secondly, the verse that is being read is highlighted in yellow so the focus and attention goes to that verse. Thirdly, there is a powerful search engine that instantly brings up Book, Chapter and verse and word searches. Fourthly, users can save favorite verses to a play list for future access.

There are many more features that work synergisticly to make the Scourby Audio Bible app a powerful new technological tool to great enhance the Bible Study experience. Users have reported that Bible Study has actually become more enjoyable, interesting and memorable with the Scourby Audio Bible app and they actually look forward to their daily Bible study. They also report they are able to spend more time in the Bible since they can make better use of time and listen while driving, working around the house and even play it while they fall to sleep.

Prospective users can go to and get full details on the Scourby Audio Bible app for Bible Study. There users can take an Bible app tour and listen to Alexander Scourby narrate selected Bible passages from the Kiing James Bible. The Scourby Audio Bible app has been ranked number one by Android and IPhone users. Just click this link and you will be taken to

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